The Federal Government, with the aid of the Media, is successfully Dumbing-Down the Populace to the point where very few have any idea of the truth - they are constantly preaching the following: 1. That the Planet it DYING because of what Humans are doing to it. 2. Radical environmentalism is the ONLY way they will even live to be an adult. 3. We only have enough oil reserves for 3 years so don't drill here - use up other people's reserves. And, Fracking will destroy our water supplies. 4. It is a "sin" to drive a big gas-guzzler car because it is KILLING THE PLANET. We need to drive smaller cars and ride bicycles or walk. 5. Nuclear Power is unsafe, it will destroy the World and it is a resource that cannot be replaced. 6. We must use less energy, move into crowded apartments in cities, give animals equal rights to humans,
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Environment & Technology
There is much today about
"We are Destroying the Environment"
"Killing the Planet".

Most if it is GIBBERISH!

Most unfortunately, a large part of this
is being "promoted" by OUR Government:

Energy & Environmental ATROCITIES
being Promoted by OUR Government
Technology is Changing Our World - FAST!
Almost all of it is making our lives Easier
(the ones that DON'T usually fade away)
Changes Are Coming
Here is a SUMMARY of things we can expect.
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