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George Soros
George Soros - The Most Evil Man In Existence?
      By Steve Kroft ('60 Minutes') 5-30-16

This explanation should clear up why our country has rapidly gone downhill in the last 11 years and who are responsible.

If you have wondered where Obama came from and just how he quickly moved from obscurity to President, or why the media is "selective" in what we are told, here is the man who most probably put him there and is responsible.
How George Soros Destroyed The
Democrat Party
What happened to the big donkey?
Among other things, the Democrats decided to
sell their base and their soul to a very bad billionaire and they got a very bad deal for both.
   It was 2004.     The poncho was the hottest fashion trend, there were 5 million new cases of AIDS and a former Nazi collaborator had bought the Democrat Party using the spare change in his sofa cushions.    Read MORE
George Soros is FUNDING
most of the RIOTS

we see every day on TV.

all of the Left-Wing Organizations
in the USA and many more all over the World.
Download the LIST

hundreds of American Companies
many that you buy from every day.
The List will SICKEN YOU!
This will give you AN IDEA
of how far his tentacles extend!
Download this letter:

Letter: To My NM U.S. Congressman Martin Heinrich Regarding George Soros'
            Anti-American Agendas!
            (and Heinrich's Voting Record which resembles Soros' Goals)

Posted by Jake Martinez on August 10, 2011 at 7:30am
Did you REALLY think Biden picked Kamala?
WRONG ... It was Soros