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Six trivia questions to see how much history you really know. 

Be honest; it's kind of fun and revealing.  If you don't know the answer make your best guess.  Answer all of the questions first - (no cheating)       Answers at end.

1) "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."
A. Karl Marx
B. Adolph Hitler
C. Joseph Stalin
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

2) "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and
     for the few... and to replace it with shared responsibility, for shared prosperity."
A. Lenin
B. Mussolini
C. Idi Amin
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

3) "(We).... can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to
     be taken away from some people."
A. Nikita Khrushchev
B. Joseph Goebbels
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

4) "We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little
     bit of their own ... in order to create this common ground."
A. Mao Tse Tung
B. Hugo Chavez
C. Kim Jong II
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

5)"I certainly think the free-market has failed."
A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Molotov
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

6) "I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable
     sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched."
A. Pinochet
B. Milosevic
C. Saddam Hussein
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above                         

... the answers:
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The Angry Man                              (be sure to read to the end)
For all the interest group pandering that shapes modern American politics, the group that may well have decided the election has come down to the demographic of “The Angry Man.”

The Angry Man is difficult to stereotype.
He comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich.
He represents all geographic areas in America, from sophisticated urbanite to rural redneck, Deep South to Yankee North, Left Coast to Eastern Seaboard.
No matter where he’s from, Angry Men share many common traits; they aren’t asking for anything from
anyone other than the promise to be able to make their own way on a level playing field.

In many cases, they are independent businessmen and employ several people.
They pay more than their share of taxes and they work hard.
Damn hard, for what they have and intend to keep.

He’s used to picking up the tab, whether it’s the Christmas party for the employees at his company, three sets of braces, college educations or a beautiful wedding or two.
Not because he was forced to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

The Angry Man believes the Constitution should be interpreted as it was written.
It is not as a “living document” open to the whims and vagaries of appointed judges and political winds.

The Angry Man owns firearms, and he’s willing to pick up a gun and use it in defense of his home, his country and his family.
He is willing to lay down his life to defend the freedom and safety of others, and the thought of killing
someone if necessary to achieve those goals gives him only momentary pause.

The Angry Man is not, and never will be, a victim.
Nobody like him drowned in Hurricane Katrina. He got his people together and got the hell out.
Then, he went back in to rescue those who needed help or were too stupid to help themselves in the first place.

He was selfless in this, just as often a civilian as a police officer, a National Guard soldier or a volunteer
Victimhood syndrome buzzwords; “disenfranchised,” “marginalized” and “voiceless” don’t resonate with The Angry Man.

“Press ‘one’ for English” is a curse-word to him.

His last name, his race and his religion don’t matter.
His ancestry might be Italian, English, African, Polish, German, Slavic, Irish, Russian, Hispanic or any of a hundred others.
What does matter is that he considers himself in every way to be an American.

He is proud of this country and thinks that if you aren’t, you are whole-heartedly encouraged to find one that suits you and move there.

The Angry Man is usually a man’s man.

He's the kind of guy who likes to play poker, watch football, go hunting, play golf, maintain his own vehicles and build things.
He coaches kid’s baseball, soccer and football and doesn’t ask for a penny.
He’s the kind of guy who can put an addition on his house with a couple of friends, drill an oil well, design a factory or work the land.
He can fill a train with 100,000 tons of coal and get it to the power plant so that you can keep the lights on while never knowing everything it took to do that.

The Angry Man is the backbone of this country.

He’s not racist, but is truly disappointed and annoyed, when people exhibit behavior that typifies the worst stereotypes of their ethnicity.
He’s willing to give everybody a fair chance if they’re willing to work hard and play by the rules.
He expects other people to do the same.

Above all, he has integrity in everything he does.

The Angry Man votes, and he loathes the dysfunction now rampant in government.
It’s the victim groups being pandered to and the “poor me” attitude that they represent.
The inability of politicians to give a straight answer to an honest question.
The tax dollars that are given to people who simply don’t want to do anything for themselves.
The fact that, because of very real consequences, he must stay within a budget but for some obscure reason the government he finances doesn’t.
Mostly, it’s the blatantly arrogant attitude displayed, implying that we are too stupid to run our own lives and only people in government are smart enough to do that.

The Angry Man has reached his limit.

When a social justice agitator goes on TV, leading some rally for Black Lives Matter, safe spaces or other such nonsense, he may bite his tongue but, he remembers.
When a child gets charged with carrying a concealed weapon for mistakenly bringing a penknife to school, he takes note of who the local idiots are in education and law enforcement.

But, when government officials are repeatedly caught red-handed breaking the law and getting off scot-free, the Angry Man balls-up his fists and readies himself for the coming fight.
He knows that this fight, will be a live or die situation, so he prepares fully.
Make no mistake, this is a fight in which he is not willing to lose.
And, he will never give up.
                                                                                    Credit above to American Thinker
Obama calls him a Clinger.
Hillary Calls him Deplorable.
Bill calls him Redneck.
BLM calls him a Racist.
Feminists calls him Sexist.
ISIS calls him an Infidel.
Donald Trump calls him an American.
Barry Goldwater:  Quotes worth remembering: timeless!

Of course there is not a snowball's chance in hell that D.C. will ever recognize any of this.....

Before there was Reagan, or Ron Paul, there was Barry Goldwater.
If he were somehow alive today, he’d still be driving liberals crazy on his 108th birthday with quotes like these:

“The good Lord raised this mighty Republic to be a home for the brave and to flourish as the land of the free -
not to stagnate in the swampland of collectivism,
not to cringe before the bully of communism.”
- Presidential nomination acceptance speech, 1964 Republican National Convention

“Where is the politician who has not promised to fight to the death for lower taxes - and who has not proceeded to vote for the
very spending projects that make tax cuts impossible?”

- “The Conscience of a Conservative,” 1960

“Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences.
Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time,
it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.”

- Presidential nomination acceptance speech, 1964 Republican National Convention

“[Democrat and GOP leaders] propound the first principle of totalitarianism:  that the State is competent to do all things and
is limited in what it actually does only by the will of those
who control the State.
It is clear that this view is in direct conflict with the Constitution
which is an instrument, above all, for limiting the functions of government, and which is as binding today as when it was written.”

- “The Conscience of a Conservative,” 1960

“We do not seek to lead anyone’s life for him - we seek only to secure his rights and to guarantee him opportunity to strive,
with government performing only those needed and constitutionally sanctioned tasks which cannot otherwise be performed.”

- Presidential nomination acceptance speech, 1964 Republican National Convention

“Broken promises are not the major causes of our trouble. Kept promises are.  All too often we have put men in office who have suggested spending a little more on this, a little more on that,
who have proposed a new welfare program,
who have thought of another variety of ‘security.’
We have taken the bait, preferring to put off to another day the recapture of freedom and the restoration of our constitutional system.
We have gone the way of many a democratic society that has lost its freedom by persuading itself that if ‘the people’ rule, all is well.”

- “The Conscience of a Conservative,” 1960

“…the accounts of the Federal Reserve have never been audited.
It operates outside the control of Congress and… manipulates the credit of the United States.”

- “With No Apologies,” 1979

“Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth.
And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies.”

- Presidential nomination acceptance speech, 1964 Republican National Convention

“I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom.
My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them.
It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed their purpose,
or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden.
I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ‘needed’
before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ ‘interests,’ 
I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty
and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

- “The Conscience of a Conservative,” 1960

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!
And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

- Presidential nomination acceptance speech, 1964 Republican National Convention
(1) E. None of the above. Statement was made by
Hillary Clinton 6/29/2004

(2) E. None of the above. Statement was made by
Hillary Clinton 5/29/2007

(3) E. None of the above. Statement was made by
Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007

(4) E. None of the above. Statement was made by
Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007

(5) E. None of the above. Statement was made by
Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007

(6) E. None of the above. Statement was made by
Hillary Clinton 9/2/2005

Want to know something scary?

She ALMOST was our next president!
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(1) Isn't it weird that in America, our flag and our culture offend so many people,
      but our benefits don't?

(2) How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back student loans
      when illegal aliens are receiving a free education?

(3) Only in America are legal citizens labeled "racists" and "Nazis,"
      but illegal aliens are called "Dreamers."

(4) Liberals say, "If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it's worth it." Well, then,
      if deporting all illegals saves just one life, wouldn't that be worth it?

(5) I can't quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country,
      but consider it punishment to be sent back there.

(6) The Constitution: It doesn't need to be rewritten,
      it needs to be reread.

(7) William F. Buckley said: "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view,
      and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view."

(8) Joseph Sobran said: "'Need' now means wanting someone else's money.
                                           'Greed' means wanting to keep your own.
                                           'Compassion' is when a politician arranges the transfer."

(9) Florida has had 119 hurricanes since 1850,
      but some people still insist the last one was due to climate change.