Is there any way to make my Vote COUNT?

Ask yourself:  "Do I trust my Government?  YES   NO 1-3 2
Next question:   When I vote for my Party's chosen candidate, do I get what I want  ALWAYS?   SOMETIMES?   NEVER? 1-2 4,7,6                                                      
They will do what THEY want - and you will LIKE it!    Lots of luck.  (1-3 xx)
Apparently, your Vote already counts.  What's your beef?   (2-4 ALWAYS xx)
Welcome to the club.  Did you ever think about Voting a little differently ?     NO  YES  (2-6  NEVER.  14 19)
You are Luckier than most.  Keep it up & SOMETIMES things will get better.   Do you Vote in the Primaries?   NO   YES   (2-7 SOMETIMES.  12 19)
Then WHY do you keep voting for their chosen candidates?
(Don't forget Einstein's definition of INSANITY: If you keep doing the same thing over & over, and expect DIFFERENT results.)
I keep hoping something will change for the better.
I don't know what else to do.                                      (14-11  18  25)                   (Scroll DOWN to see THESE)
If you keep it up - it will NEVER change.   THEY make the "rules" - you don't!
Don't Vote for the Party's "chosen" - they are NOT chosen for YOU - they are chosen for THEM (you are needed however - to PAY!).
The Candidates that will TRULY represent The People  rarely make it through the Primaries - because most Voters don't realize any of this.
Do you Vote in the Primaries?  
NO     YES   (6-14 12  11)
Well, think about it. 
The Primaries are the MOST IMPORTANT elections  - they're the ONLY chance you'll have to choose YOUR candidate.
In Regular Elections, you only get to "Rubber-Stamp" candidates that someone ELSE already chose FOR you. -
(those candidates MAY not be interested in "looking out" for YOU!).
How can I make my Vote count in a Primary?
(7,14-12 NO.  17)
OK - apparently you are satified with your government - keep doing the same things.   Nothing will change. (19-16 NO.   xx)
It is NOT going to get better - unless you Vote for Better Candidates.  
Perhaps by now you understand that your Partys Elected Officials may be more interested in themselves than they are in YOU.
           How can my Vote really count?
(11-18 17)                                                (Scroll UP to see this one)
Good, that's important.  YOUR Vote is already counting - at least a little.  Want to make it count even MORE?    NO   YES  (6,7-19 YES.  16 17)
Put your cursor over each BLUE underline to see answer.
                      Then,  you can Click to toggle it on or off.
You can talk to your Electeds & they may agree with you but, they're unlikely to ACTUALLY pay ANY atttention or do anything.
Only Voting them OUT will get their Attention (and/or Voting-OUT a 'friend' or close-by Official).
OK.  But, if I don't vote for them, WHO should I Vote for?  
            1.   I am an INFORMED Voter - I know exactly what to do.
            2.   I haven't got a clue as to who would REALLY be better.
            3.   I'm not even sure WHAT I am looking for in a Candidate.
(17-21    (Scroll DOWN to see THESE)
Good for you.  Vote for the Candidate that understands his job is to Protect YOUR Life, Property & Rights, who realizes how important Freedom is to Everybody on Earth, who is NOT looking to be a Career Politician.
He must be a "Can't-Be-Bought" person - respecting the Law and 100% of the Constitution,.100% of the time.
(21-22 xx)
SUMMARY of Corruption
You must understand by now that the BOTH Parties' choices are in it ONLY for Political POWER & the Wealth that comes with it.
        The MEDIA is 100% COMPLICIT in this - because THEY too share in the Wealth.
95% all Politicians get RE-Elected, every year of their lives (19 out ot 20).    Maybe 1 out of 20 times WE get it Right - MAYBE.
        They do NOT get Re-Elected because they are working for YOU - quite the contrary.
They pledge to "VOTE AS DIRECTED" - the Party REWARDS them by GUARANTEEING they will be Re-Elected FOREVER.
  From there it is easy - the 100% Complicit MEDIA tells The People ONLY what THEY want us to hear - NEVER the whole Truth.
Parties & Politicians get BILLIONS$$ from Special Interests that want Laws Passed - that work to THEIR advantage - Not YOURS. 
   They funnel the money to their Campaigns  (the Media gets MOST of this money - through Ads - they know exactly who to back).
They prepare wonderful stories about their chosen THIEVES (candidates) - they laud them for whatever GOOD Votes they can find -
   and IGNORE all the Bad ones.  Then, they INVENT whatever is necessary to make ALL challengers (Patriots) look bad.
YOU see it all!   Well, not exactly.   What you DON'T see, is the TRUTH - NEVER!         
(25-23  xx)
He or she must be a "Can't-Be-Bought" candidate - Beholding to nobody, except his Constituents.     
Remember - Special Interest "Campaign Donations" are really BRIBES - They are BIG and there are ALWAYS Stings Attached.
They want INFLUENCE - help to get Laws Passed that will bring MONEY$$ to them - at the expense of others.
(Individuals usually can afford only small amounts - they are HOPING you will bring them BETTER Govt instead of MORE Govt)
                        You DO NOT want someone that NEEDS a Job. 
You want a person that is LOYAL to his Country, truly thankful for all our Blessings, wants to SERVE his country to PROTECT the Freedom, Property & GOD-given RIGHTS of all the people.  You don't want anybody that wants in Big Government, or a Nanny State.
He better believe in Individual Responsibility, TRUE Freedom of Choice & Equal OPPORTUNITY - not Equality of RESULTS,
Certainly nobody that thinks HE can better decide what is good for you than YOU can.        
How can I "vett" the candidates- to find the REALLY Good ones? 
(21-24 1st - 26)
How can we fight this?
1st  -
You MUST Vote in the PRIMARIES - so WE can choose the Candidates instead of THEM.
2nd -  then,
NEVER Vote for an Incumbent - (in the Primaries)
           If you know NOTHING more than that, 19 out of 20 times you will 'guess right' and IMPROVE our Government. 
                              (Don't worry about the 1 out of 20 - the good ones will understand and run again.)
Just remember:
1.  The MEDIA is NOT your friend - they are NOT there to disseminate ALL the News, nor to disseminate if Fairly -
       they are ALL far left and in business to MAKE MONEY - on Sensationalism - ALWAYS.
       Haven't you noticed that ALL of the Media, without exception, is on the "STOP Trump" Bandwagon?    
     Why?     This has NOTHING to do with who LIKES Trump - it's ALL about MONEY$$
       They are Scared to Death of Trump -  they KNOW that if he gets elected he will SERIOUSLY DAMAGE their Gravy-Train.
2.  The Political Parties do NOT care about You, the Law, your Freedom, your Rights - none of it.  They used to, years ago.
       Not any more -  NOW they are there for Political Power & Wealth - for THEMSELVES & their Crony Buddies..
        (surely by now you will have noticed that no matter which Party gets in, we get the SAME Results.   This is NO Accident!
     They both SHARE the "LOOT".  The winning Party gets a little bigger share -
       but, they are NEVER going to give up the Power & the Wealth - WILLINGLY.
3.  We The People are supposed to be in control of THEM - supposedly, they Work for US! 
       The Demagogues have manipulated the Laws, and the Rules, and the Media so that is NO LONGER the case.   
       BUT, we still have the VOTE - and our Votes CAN change it all back (if we understand this & work together).
                       SUMMARY of Corruption  
(11                                                          (Scroll DOWN to the bottom)
Obviously, the First & Step is to go to their websites and maybe even their Facebook page.
If their website does not have an ISSUES page - be WARY - he probably doesn't WANT you to know how he stands on the Issues.
See if he talks about 'Rule of Law' & the Constitution.  If they aren't his priorities he probably has OTHER interests - not likely yours.
Does he say anything about Campaign Contributions or Ethics?   No mention probably means NO INTEREST - say Goodbye NOW.
If he is an Incumbent, look up his Voting Records.
               What if he brags of being involved in Politics for years & years?  Or; an Official in the Party for a long time?  
(21,24-26 27)
In most cases, the MORE time they have spent in Politics, the MORE likely they are to be Corrupt, at  least to the extent of putting the 'needs' of The PARTY (MONEY$ & Voting as directed) in front of beneficence to "The PEOPLE".  
The big question is: What were they doing in Politics?  Enjoying & Exercising Power or Fighting against Corruption?  If it was Fighting
Corruption - they will TELL you - on no uncertain terms - GREAT!.
If it is a list of Political Positions, ask yourself:  Why did he want these positions & what did he accomplish in them? 
See if he mentions his REAL Job -  Has he been making money off Politics?  Perhaps he is looking to make even more.  
WHO will ultimately PAY for it?
(26-27  xx)
There are ONLY 2 ways to make your Vote REALLY count: 
                 1.  Make existing Officials pay MORE attention to YOU.   HOW?     
(Scroll DOWN to see what's coming)
                 2.  Vote for people that WANT to pay attention to you.     
HOW? (12,18,19-17   21 15)
Vote for someone NOT looking for a Career in Politics, that understands his job is to Protect your Life, your Property & your Rights;
and who realizes how important Freedom is to Everybody on Earth.   He must be a "Can't-Be-Bought" person -
respecting the Law and 100% of the Constitution,.100% of the time.
                              He is EASY to SPOT.
Often, they refer to him as a "Tea-Party" Candidate - the guy that the Political Party does NOT endorse, the one the
"Party Establishment" & the MEDIA are going out of their way to BERATE -  because They are Scared to Death of Him.   
       They know he will NOT cater to Special Interests or Vote for ANYTHING contrary to the interests of We The People -
- he will be a BIG Problem for their Gravy-Train
       It is no secret that he has the SMALLEST Campaign Fund - he relies TOTALLY on donations from Individuals & Volunteers
(these donations are very small - usuallly $25 - instead of the Hundreds$$ or Thousands$$ that come from Special Interests. 
They believe in him - to bring Better government.). 
       He is bound Morally to NOT accept donations from Special Interests - he is beholding to NOBODY, except his Constituents.
Its really quite simple - FOLLOW THE MONEY.  The ones that buy TV spots, Big Newspaper Ads and send lots of Post Cards
are almost ALWAYS the ones that cater to, and get Big Money from, Special Interests. 
These candidates are in it for Political POWER & Wealth - for THEMSELVES - these are NOT people that will represent YOU. 
(17-15 xx)
Any more tips?   (budget size - Endorsers - Voting Records - Special Interests - Lobbyists - PACs etc.)   5
Will My Vote Count?
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