We DO Expect them to:

1.   Understand that THEY WORK FOR US alone;
2.   Protect & Defend the Constitution of the United States and our State Constitution;
4.   Follow ALL the Laws - EQUALLY - just as they apply to us,
5.   Keep government as small as possible;
6.   Use private enterprise, in preference to government agencies, wherever possible if it
      can provide at least equal value,
7.   Maintain a sound fiscal Policy;
8.   Guard and Defend ALL of our God-given RIGHTS & our FREEDOMS;
9.   Guard and Defend, at ALL times, our State and personal Sovereignties,
      particularly against the Federal Government, and remember that the STATES created
      the Federal Government, and Limited it to ONLY 18 Specifically Designated Powers,
      to SERVE the common NATIONAL needs of ALL the States and The People;
10. Remember that the Federal Government is the SERVANT of its MASTERS - the
      States and The People   (The Servant can NOT mandate to its Master - it can
      ONLY do what its Master has empowered it to do
11. Represent OUR interest, as Citizens, in the areas where we live;
12. Keep high standards in their personal lives so we can give them Deserved Respect;
13. Strive at all times to offer Equal Opportunity to ALL our Citizens;
14. Keep us Timely INFORMED of everything happening in their area of Responsibility,
      which includes:
      A.  Keeping us INFORMED of all Bills or Laws as they happen or are being formed,
      B.  Telling us what they understand WE want concerning each issue,
      C.  Telling us HOW each Bill or Law will affect us & our lives - all the Pros & the Cons,
      D.  HOW they expect to Vote on each issue and WHY,
      E.  Telling us how OTHER elected officials are inclined to vote (Who, Where &
            particularly WHY),
      F.  How they ACTUALLY Voted on EVERY issue, and
      G. Telling us WHY they Voted as they did.
What should Electeds DO - and NOT do?
The solution is simple:
             Our elected representatives must follow their oaths.
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We elect them to represent Us, We The People, in our Government.
      We do NOT expect them to:

1.   Ever Lie, Omit or Mis-represent FACTS;
2.   Obfuscate or hide ANYTHING relevant to their jobs;
3.   Use their job/position to gain Anything, other than the salary we agree to pay them,
       the Respect they deserve for following OUR Expectations of them and the benefits
       we ALL derive from our Constitutional Republic;
4.   Vote for any fiscal policy that imposes debt upon future generations;
5.   Vote for or influence the establishing of any govt. agency or any expenditure that's:
      1st: not Constitutional, 2nd: not actually needed and 3rd: not affordable;
6.   To allow government to be used whenever the Value to our Society can be at least
       equally filled by Private Enterprise;
7.   Vote for, or even agree with, anything that interprets any government document or
      the Constitution in any way other than the Original Intent of its Framers;
8.   To vote for ANY un-constitutional Bills or Laws - EVER;
9.   To vote for Anything that reduces Any of our God-given Rights or Freedoms - Ever;
10. To vote or influence anything that doesn't offer Equal Opportunity to All our Citizens;
11. To vote in favor of Special Interests if they don't bring More benefit or Less cost to
       ALL of our Citizens.

All Elected Officials have a Duty to vote for the 'Benefit & General Welfare' of ALL citizens.  (NO entitlements, NO special treatment for anybody, keep the Electorate Informed)

To preserve the Integrity and Ethics of office, we sugggested candidates:
Not accept Donations from Big Business, Lobbyists, Lawyer Associations or any type of
Special Interests that have any 'strings attached'.
Tell all Donors: "There can't be any 'strings attached. I will only Vote for Constitutional Issues that we actually need and can afford."

Communicate with constituent voters all during each year - not just during election years.
Post Issues online, including a means for constituents to voice & post their opinions. 
Post all office expenditures on a weekly basis.
Hold frequent open "town-hall" meetings - at least 1, preferably 2, per month, alternating between night & daytime meetings.

Post every Vote made on their website, also distribute this information on Facebook and other media, and include:
  (1) The Bill itself (summary & text).  
  (2) Who sponsored & supported the Bill. 
  (3) Who GAINS, Who LOSES & Who PAYS.
  (4) How YOU & others voted.
  (5) Why you Voted as you did.               
  (6) Constitutional Authority (Where is it Authorized?).
    Fight for TERM LIMITS - We do NOT want "Career Politicans"

We want Representatives that will unfailingly SERVE us and our country for a short time and then return to their personal lives, just as the Founding Fathers envisioned.