Govt. Waste & Boondoggles

The 20 Biggest Boondoggles in the U.S.
    (Our hard-earned money is shoveled into these "projects".)
You couldn't MAKE UP some projects this amusing if you tried!

A few things that were more important than our Social security...

$831BILLION THINGS!     ($831,000,000,000.00)

Here's a list of 100 head scratchers ...

  1. "Almost Empty” Mall Awarded Energy Grant ($5 million)
  2. Renovations for Federal Building as EXPENSIVE as NEW
      Building ($133 million)
  3. DTV Advertising Agency Generates THREE Jobs ($5.9 million)
  4. Research to Develop Supersonic Corporate Jets ($4.7 Million)
  5. Water Pipeline to a Money-Losing Golf Course ($2.2 million)
  6. Police Boat Gets High-Tech Upgrade Even As Force May be
      Downsized ($190,000)
  7. Program to Control Home Appliances From a Remote Location
  8. 18-Mile Tourist Rail Extended ($2 million)
  9. Dinner Cruise Company Gets Terrorism Prevention Money
  10. Hanford Nuclear Site Gets Billions for FAILED Cleanup Effort
        ($1.9 billion)
  11. All Aboard The Wine Train!($54 million)
  12. Broadband Map That May be Obsolete by the Time It’s
        Complete ($350 million)
  13. Grant to Fund Search for Fossils ... In Argentina ($1.57 million)
  14. Anti-Capitalist, Socially-Conscious Puppet Shows ($100,000)
  15. Trail to Minnesota Twins Baseball Stadium ($484,572)
  16. Inspector General Questions New Anti-Gunrunning Teams
        ($10 million)
  17. Buffalo Residents Paid to Keep Daily Journal of Malt Liquor and
        Marijuana Use ($389,357)
  18. Oklahoma River Cruise Boats Get Transportation Funding
        ($1.8 million)
  19. Government Spends Money on Salaries and Overhead
        ($186 million)
  20. Repaved Georgia Road ... Getting Repaved Again ($88,000)
  21. Little-Used Bridge for Beachgoers Gets a PAINT Job
        ($3.1 million)
  22. Federal Building With Uncertain Future Gets Huge Makeover
        ($117 million)
  23. Studying the Icelandic Arctic Environment in the Viking Age
  24. Bobber the Water Safety Dog Costumes ($21,116)
  25. Shakespearean Festivals ($225,000)
  26. "Clown” Theatrical Production ($25,000)
  27. County Agency MISMANAGED Millions, Gets Millions MORE!
         ($11.9 million)
  28. Free Rides on a Water Taxi to Relieve Downtown Congestion
        ($1.6 million)
  29. Studying the Learning Patterns of Honeybees ($210,000)
  30. Money for Exit Polling……in Africa ($233,825)
  31. Contemporary Art Sculpture: A Series of Giant Tubes ($13,000)
  32. Surf and Squat Rest Stop in Texas ($13.8 million)
  33. Study on "Hookup" Behavior of Female College Coeds
  34. Developing the Next Generation of Football Gloves ($150,000)
  35. Study of Wildflowers in a Ghost Town ($448,995)
  36. Jazz Festivals ($400,000)
  37. Another Golf Course Gets Recycled Water ($831,700)
  38. Recovering Crab Pots Lost At Sea ($700,000)
  39. New Hampshire Buys Buses It Doesn’t Need ($2 million)
  40. Martini Bar and Brazilian Steak House Remodeling ($100,000)
  41. Stimulus-Funded Workers with NO Work ($3.2 million)
  42. States Spend Big Bucks on Stimulus Highway Signs
         ($1.3 million)
  43. Highway “Beautified” by Fish Art
  44. Fish Food ($50 million)
  45. Museum Dedicated to “Man’s Relationship With the Horse”
         ($1.2 million)
  46. Pennsylvania Police Department Purchases Two Horses
  47. College Students Visit Costa Rica for Summer Studies
  48. Pennsylvania Paves Bike Lane on Deteriorating Local Road
        ($2 million)
  49. California Gets Money to Upgrade Computer System ... TWICE!
        ($60 million)
  50. Arizona Ants Work While Some Arizonans Remain Unemployed  
  51. Study On Why Young Men Do Not Like Condoms ($221,355)
  52. Firm with Tax Fraud, Pollution History Wins Road Contract
         ($21.8 million)
  53. Agency with Habit of Losing Pricey Equipment Gets Funds for
        Major IT Upgrade ($85 million)
  54. Arkansas Teachers to Attend Education Conference ($413,124)
  55. Firm under Criminal Investigation Awarded Construction
        Contract ($6.4 million)
  56. Homeland Security Funds Assist Boat Tours of Alcatraz
  57. Money for Companies with History of Environmental/Workplace
        Safety Penalties ($54 million)
  58. "Math and Literacy Coaches” for North Carolina Teachers
        ($4.4 million)
  59. OSU Professor to Study Alaska Native Grandparents
         ($1.1 million)
  60. Town of 838 to Renovate Old Hotel into a Welcome Center
  61. Methamphetamines and the Female Rat Sex Drive ...($30,000)
  62. Study on Mice and Alcohol ($8,408)
  63. Locals Plan Bridge Funding, Feds Insist on Paying ($5 million)
  64. Wastewater Treatment Center with “Talking Water Gardens”
        ($8 million)
  65. Obsolete Bridge Converted to Bike Path ($5.6 million)
  66. Youth Summer Jobs Program FAILS to Put Kids to Work
         ($1.2 billion)
  67. Colorado Climbing Gym Gets Renewable Energy Grant for Solar
         Panels ($157,800)
  68. Colorado Dragon Boat Festival ($10,000)
  69. Low-Priority Airports Get Money from FAA ($272 million)
  70. Storytelling Festival in Utah ($15,000)
  71. Beautification of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip ($1.1 million)
  72. Half of Stimulus Contracts NOT Competitively Bid
  73. Hollywood Entertainment Museum ($20,000)
  74. Controversial Helicopter Program Gets Stimulus Boost
  75. Contracts Awarded TO Firms Suspended for Suspected Fraud
        ($30 million)
  76. Amtrak Loses $32 Per Passenger, Rewarded WITH Windfall
        ($1.3 billion)
  77. Fire Station WITHOUT ANY Firefighters ($2 million)
  78. Low Priority Waste Water Projects Getting Stimulus Funds
         ($47.8 million)
  79. Money for Lighthouse Repairs on Uninhabited Island
        (Nearly $1.5 million)
  80. College w/Teachers “UNQUALIFIED to Teach IN Their Fields”
         Receive Millions ($31.3 million)
  81. Brooklyn Slumlord Gets Share of Stimulus Funds ($270,000)
  82. Protecting against Carpet Beetles ($187,632)
  83. Indiana Sending Half of Weatherization Funds to Politically
         Active Builders Group ($66M)
  84. Pedestrian Bridge Few Will Use ($80,000)
  85. Town Doesn’t Know What to Do With Money ($25,000)
  86. Dance Troupe to Weatherize Homes in Washington, D.C.
  87. SBA Loan Program EXPECTS 60 Percent Default Rate
         ($255 million)
  88. Removing Lead Paint from a Pedestrian Bridge ($3.5 million)
  89. School District Splurges on iPod Touches ($75,129)
  90. Global Warming Field Trip to Copenhagen for 11 Students
  91. Audit Finds Abuse of Tax Credit Program ($504 million)
  92. Ohio Town to Turn Railroad Crossings into “Quiet Zone”
  93. Pennsylvania Winery Uses Stimulus Funds to Help Pay for
        Building Already under Construction ($25,000)
  94. Abandoned “Eyesore” Train Station to Get Green Renovation
        ($1.8 million)
  95. Despite Delays and Overruns, Space Telescope Gets Boost
        ($65 million)
  96. Museum Receives Geothermal Grant after Hosting Stimulus
        Signing Ceremony ($2.6 million)
  97. Money to Airport Authority Cited for Having Problems Managing
        Federal Money ($9.6 million)
  98. Bureaucratic Bungling Slows Homeless Prevention Grants in
         Nevada ($4.1 million)
  99. Learning to Cooperate by Observing Birds ($90,000)
  100. Climate-Controlled Water Taxis Get New Home ($750,000)
The 10 Most Outrageous Boondoggles I Ever Saw
by Sen. Tom Coburn
Wastebook - 10 most outrageous govt boondoggles
Construction worker with big crane in background.  20 Biggest Boondoggles in the U.S.
Our Govt is LYING about every part of the "ecology" movement and FINANCING this Travesty through SUBSIDIES   (YOU pay it all - through Taxes). 
It is all done supposedly to
"Save The Planet", but it
is really designed to give the "Elite Few" (mainly those of the CFR) COMPLETE CONTROL of every part of our lives and make them INSANELY RICH.

This is a simple article that will open up your mind.
ELECTRIC CARS - makes you wonder

Electric Cars - Hybrids Battery & Hydrogen Powered Vehicles
This is far bigger article and extremely detailed.

It goes into all the real costs of driving an electric vehicle as well as all the ecological details involved in charging the batteries.

It Absolutely PROVES that
Electric Cars are NOT Green at all!

In fact, a few hundred miles away,
the electrical powerplant
produces are about 7 TIMES more CO2 emissions
than a regular gasoline powered car!
(out of sight-out of mind!)

The electricity cost of
charging the batteries is roughly
equivalent to the cost of gasoline. 
But, this does NOT include
the replacement cost of batteries,
which are incredibly expensive.

Hybrids are even more expensive
and fare no better
as they have TWICE as much
"motivational power expense",
(they have 2 motors instead of 1)
and are slightly Less Efficient
than a All-Electric car.

Also, this article completely ignores
the incredible Federal Subsidies that are
given to Electric & Hybrid Car Manufacturers,
which are All PAID by YOU,
the Taxpayer
(whether you are foolish enough
to own one of these or not).
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