Voting Rules
1.  Always vote in PRIMARIES
      The Primaries are EVERYTHING - It is the ONLY time you can actually choose YOUR Candidate.
      Regular Elections only let you "rubber-stamp" the Biggest Thief - that your party of choice has already "Selected For YOU".
2.  NEVER vote for the INCUMBENT (in a Primary)
      95% of our Elected Officials are Corrupt - they have pledged to their PARTY that they will "VOTE as INSTRUCTED"
      They will put the Party in front of YOU - in return for a Guarantee

        "That they' be RE-ELECTED Forever & enjoy the Political POWER & WEALTH that comes with the Office."   
This may be the most IMPORTANT Rule because only 1 out 20 are Honest, and 19 out of 20 are RE-ELECTED.     So,  if you DON'T VOTE for the Incumbent

                                      The chances are 20:1 in Your favor -  of choosing an Honest Candidate (even if you know NOTHING about him).

                                                              It took us over 100 years of Voting WRONG to get us to our "present state of affairs".

                                  Think about it - 19 out of 20 will be Voted OUT - in ONE Election cycle
(in the RARE occasion that a 'good-guy' is voted out, he will be Happy you finally got serious - after all that was his goal too.)

NEVER Vote for the Party ENDORSED Candidate.
      Both the Republican & Democrat Parties always choose their BIGGEST THIEF - the one that will do Anything THEY tell him to do.
      If one of the TRULY Conservative organizations ARE Endorsing him or her - AGAINST the Party - that can help you decide.
4.   Choose the Candidate with the SMALLEST campaign budget - yes, the SMALLEST.
      He CAN'T be bought!    He is NOT controlled by his Political Party and, importantly, has received NOTHING from Special Interests.
      (Special Interests BRIBE candidates with Campaign Contributions - to PASS Laws that give them unconstitutional, special benefits -
      - at YOUR expense  & mine.)
The most important Elections - of MY Lifetime and YOURS - are coming up NOW.

The only way to reverse our decline into Socialism, Corruption & Debauchery is to pick HONEST Candidates.

This is NOT easy - as all the DEMAGOGUE Candidates are "accomplished LIARS" and well FUNDED.   The HONEST ones are "Morally Obligated" to NOT take a PENNY
from Special Interests            
(95% of all Campaign Donations come from SPECIAL INTERESTS).
And, the MEDIA will not give them ANY recognition - other than trying to debase them.      (Is the Media looking out for YOU?)

Only 2 in 100 people will take ANY significant time to vett the candidates - the result is 95% are CORRUPT to the Bone.
If you Did NOT take the time to thoroughly Vett the candidates, all hope is NOT lost! follow these
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Two (2) Simple Rules:
SEE: Good-Guys ALWAYS Lose in Politics
They "BRIBE" Legislators to get Laws passed that Cost YOU & Profit THEM.
If you did take the time to truly vett the candidates -
You are fulfilling your DUTIES as a Citizen.
You checked out their Voting Records
(GA only: - ALL states:,
their friends (Facebook?), backgrounds, Ethics Reports -  RIGHT?
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