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40th GA Voting Records
Fran Millar, who claims to be a Republican, is in our 40th Senate District.
Here's his Voting Records -
YOU Decide.  Is he representing YOU, as a Republican, or not?
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Get Fran Millar's BIO on the "Political Summary" pages as well as info on many Issues and data such as:  Public Statements, Ratings & Endorsement, Campaign Finance, Key Votes & the 'Political Courage Test'.
Fran Millar     (
FAILED the Political Courage Test in 2012 & 2010)
                   ACU Ratings  (American Conservative Union)
The ACU has rated the Georgia General Assembly members on a few Bills (ONLY those that it supported). 
So, ratings here are much higher than where they rated them on ALL the Bills.
               9 Senate Bills in 2012  :  Fran Millar   (40th Senate District)   
The solution is simple: 
             Our elected representatives must follow their oaths.
  See Fran's Voting Record
  Fran voted to raise Car Taxes      
We are not doing very well, when it comes to Elected REPUBLICANS, at the Gold Dome.

If a Republican Votes often for Statist Issues (NON-Constitutional - Big Government) he is known as a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

The sad Truth is that about 2/3 of Georgia's Elected Republicans are RINOs. - They vote  more often for Statist/Democrat Issues than they do for Republican/Conservative Issues.

                                   Each Bill/IIssue is listed and Color-coded (HB is House Bill & SB is Senate Bill):
RED is Conservative, Constitutional & Preserving Freedom.                   Blue is Statist, Anti-freedom, Big Nanny Government, Against the Bill of Rights.
If a Republican shows ALL RED votes below he is doing perfectly.      If he shows all BLUE votes he is a perfect DEMOCRAT! 
Fran Millar's Voting Record
Source: ElectTheRightCandidate.us
analyzes & compares Votes of all members of the Ga Senate and the House.  All data comes from the GA General Assembly website.

Download the Entire Spreadsheet,  Compare ALL the members of the Ga Senate & House        
Republican Values, Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Property Rights, Protect Marriage & Religion, Rule of Law,  Individual Responsibility.
SPECIAL INTERESTS, Nanny Government, Cronyism, MORE & Bigger Govt, MORE Taxes,  MORE Regulations, LESS Property Rights, LESS Individual Responsibility,, 
Govt CONTROLS Everything in YOUR life
37% for Republican & Conservative Issues:

63% for Democrat & Statist Issues: 
SCROLL to the right to see all the Bills
               (38 are shown here)

Use the Right-Arrow KEY 
Click & Drag the scroll-bar - it's at the bottom)
Want to see how many RINOs we have in the Ga Senate?
You may not like what you see!
                        But, you CAN do something about it.
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What's a RINO?
(Republican In Name Only)
He is
ELECTED as a Republican
But... he
VOTES as a Democrat!
Back in 2014, ElectTheRightCandidate.us asked the New GA Primary CHALLENGERS how they would have voted on 5 KEY Issues and compared them to the Incumbent's actual Votes in each District.  
How would I have Voted compared to Fran Millar?  See Dist. 40 - 2nd from the bottom.

Challengers to the House seat #79 Tom Taylor  (Catherine Bernard)
                                      and #80 Mike Jacobs (Brad Goodchild) are around the middle.
Tom Taylor also claims to be a Republican - in the 79th House District.
Here's his Voting Records -
YOU Decide.  Is he is representing YOU, as a Republican, or not?
Click to see/download the Spreadsheet
Fran's VOTES compared to other Senators
WHY is Fran Millar so keen on Refugee Resettlement in Georgia?

WHY are 1/2 of them in DeKalb?(24,000 of the 48,000 in our county)
          The other 158 counties
     all-together get what WE get!

These refugees are mostly Muslims.
  (they have NO Intentions of assimilating)

The cost of immigration to the 5 largest metro school districts (Dekalb, Gwinnett, Fulton, Atlanta, and Cobb) is in excess of $1 Billion per year - just for ESL classes.

This total does not count the cost after all non-English speakers that enter the general school population.
35% for Republican & Conservative Issues  65% for Democrat & Statist Issues
Do we REALLY want to RE-Elect him?
  Want to ask Tom? tom.taylor@house.ga.gov
Elections are coming - on the 24th - We CAN do something about this.
  BOTH have Serious CHALLENGERS - REAL Republicans - Not RINOs 
That will Search out CORRUPTION - not be PART of it.
That will Respect your VALUES, your RIGHTS, your GOD, the Law and the Constitution
Against MILLAR in the 40th - PAUL MANER        Against TAYLOR in the 79th - TOM OWENS
(click here) Tom recently was ARRESTED for DUI, Speeding & Possession of Open Liquor
YOU to SUBSIDIZE insanely Expensive Energy that does NOTHING to improve OUR Lives.
Companies with Alarm Systems MUST 'register' them and comply with a MANDATED format.
Pain Clinics now REGULATED - Govt knows BETTER than they how to solve YOUR Pain problems.
Facilitate OBAMACARE - mandates LICENCES for those that will ADVISE you to TAKE IT!
Require Nursing Homes to offer what is readily Available (govt CONTROL of Markets -at greater cost).
Requires NURSES to take Courses and PAY additional LICENSE Fees (their NEED is irrelevant!).
Forces YOU, the TAXPAYER, to PAY 'Seed Capital' for SOCIALIST Programs. GOVT intervention in Business.
Govt now REGULATES how used tires are disposed of (no more 'most efficient' & LEAST COSTLY methods).
Govt now make RULES that determine HOW people will be Hired (no more "Best Qualified")
YOUR private SLOT-MACHINE is now ILLEGAL - unless you 'register' it & BUY a Permit (if you can get one).
Establishes Govt Agency to "advise" Geo-Spatial Companies how to do their job.
Even More TAX on Hospital BEDS.
Govt now REGULATES "picking" of Ginseng on Private Property - it's NOT Yours!
Created BEEF Commission!  WOW!  You wil EAT what & how WE say.
Govt can now Check YOUR DNA - even if you are NOT Convicted of anything.
This is the ONLY Democrat Bill he did  right!  Against a govt. 'closing Fee' on transactions.
<---  Senator MILLAR is OK with most Republican Bills,  when he Attends & Votes, but watch how he AGREES & VOTES for virtually ALL of the Special Interest DEMOCRAT Bills.
SUE the
Fed Govt?
Fran Millar voted for: 
Govt dictates Hiring RULES in some facilities - Central & Market CONTROL
                      Govt now DICTATES Rules for Early Care & Learning
Govt now DICTATES Rules for Early Care & Learning
         31 Republicans                 
    Vote BETTER than Fran     ^
                      and  only
7  Vote WORSE         v 
With a Voting Score of 37% - Fran is a Genuine RINO.

He votes TWICE as much for DEMOCRAT Bills as Republican.

What would be YOUR defininition?
Mine is LESS than 90% of the time.

Even "Establishment Republicans" think
it should be MOST of the time
(MORE than 50%)
Fran is Almost a "PERFECT" RINO - he voted FOR every Democrat Bill but ONE!
Fran's Voting Record
and more can also be
seen below - just move
the down-arrow.
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