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Newt Gingrich onTrump
        This would be a good first step:
AACA - American Anti-Corruption Act
Full Provisions - Constitutionality
         Needed Reforms in
       Campaign Financing

Politicians & Special Interests work together to make EACH OTHER Wealthy.
Politicians pass LAWS that benefit the Special Interests (at YOUR expense & mine) and the Special Interests PAY them back out of their ILL-GOTTEN gains.

In addition, the process has become so Prevalent and so Corrupt that virtually ALL Policians now have tremendous POWER over anybody that does business with the Government.
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The Republican Revolution
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 12:30         (Excerpted)
by RoseAnn Salanitri
This election cycle has proven to be thought-provoking, as well as revelatory.

During campaign season, most - if not all - Republican candidates professed to be constitutional conservatives.  However, once they entered the halls of Congress, that conservatism was sacrificed on the altar of compromise - or worse. 
For them, campaign promises are nothing more than a means to an end - the end being re-election with we, their constituents, playing the part of their “useful idiots.”

As a result, a large number of Conservatives have abandoned the Party.

If there is anything funny about this at all, it is that the elites truly don’t understand that a Party revolution is knocking at the door of their ivory towers. 
The popularity of Mr. Trump, who the Party and its Mainstream MEDIA arm have done their best to paint as crass and unqualified, is an enigma that can’t be controlled. 
They can’t seem to understand why us serfs are standing behind a plain-talking street fighter instead of one of their well-financed, polished, sweet-talking cronies.

As a result, they have declared war on their own front-runner, simply because they cannot control him.  

100% of ALL the Media is working
       100% of the time - to  STOP TRUMP
---> Doesn't this make you wonder? <---
           Who BRINGS them MONEY?
             Who PAYS this MONEY?
           Who WINS?      Who LOSES?

Despite these efforts, the people realize that Trump may not always say the right thing,
but, he says a lot of the things most of us are saying within the privacy of our own homes.

My country comes first and right now Mr. Trump looks like the only candidate willing to buck the establishment elitists (and The MEDIA) and fight for the America I love. 
Evidence of his allegiance to our country exists in the anger he instills among the globalists who have subjected us to NAFTA, CAFTA, and other such destructive treaties. 

While Trump wants to build a wall to protect our borders,  the globalist opposition wants to tear down our borders - through trade agreements and policies that negatively affect our economy.

       No wonder they hate him. 
If he is what he says he is, he has the potential to destroy decades of their clandestine agendas.

  Trump WILL DESTROY their Gravy-Train
                   DONALD TRUMP
Yes, he may be brash, and he may not be our knight in shining  amour,  but  at least there’s good reason to believe that he believes what he says and says what he believes. 

And for this Evangelical, who understands that no one is perfect, that’s a good enough reason to vote for The Donald. 

But perhaps the greatest contribution Trump will ever make to America is
   the unveiling of the existent one-party
   system that has been parading as two.

              As Ghandi once said,
            “First they ignore you,
             then they laugh at you,
             then they fight you, 
             then you win.”

          Ghandi was a wise old man.
Throw Them All Out ,
EXTORTION   1of2    2of2,

Peter Schweizer wrote all 3 of these books  (& more)  detailing:

How ALL our Elected Politicians
gain Wealth & Power
by Making Laws
that allow THEM alone to do things
that would put YOU or me
in Prison.
            COMMENT    by MICAH    
              Mar 29, 2016, 8:16 pm

Donald Trump doesn’t know every single thing he should know, but he is learning - FAST.

He does listen to the American people and the best experts in the World - but, it’s up to us to keep him informed.

He is a LEADER - yet HATED by the New World Order 'gang' on the left, ALL of the right (Establishment),
and 100% of  the Media.

Because, they know that he will expose the CORRUPTION and be a Serious Threat to their GRAVY-TRAIN.

This alone should tell the American people that we need this man in our White House.
Trump's Plan:     (download)
Mexico Pays for the Wall
  (it will cost approximately $8 to10 Billion,
   which is only about $30 per US Citizen) 

1. Tell Mexico that if they don't agree to pay for the Wall we will institute a regulation that requires Mexicans in the USA to PROVE they are in the USA Legally in order to send money back via wire transfers etc.
(that will end $24 Billion in cash per year - that they NEED - they could pay for it in 4 months this way.).

2. Explain to Mexico that we have several other ways we can get them to PAY for it:

a.   Trade Tariffs - Our trade deficit is $58 Billion per year (we give them that much more than they give us).  We can raise tariffs and use that money to build the Wall (it could be paid in 2 months)

b. Cancel VISAs.  Most Mexican Officials & Businessman make money off the USA - this would Personally STOP them completely without a VISA.

c. Visa Fees.  About a MILLION Green Cards are issued and about 250 MILLION border crossings are made with these cards annually. 
Clinton Cash
(this is the book Trump quoted
in his speech about "Crooked Hillary" on 6-22-2016)

Trump on the ISSUES - from his website.
Making America GREAT Again

Paying for The Wall
Immigration Reform
Healthcare Reform
U.S.-Chine Trade Reform
Veterans Administration Reform
Tax Reform
2nd Amendment Rights

The REAL Donald Trump
Trump's 100 Day Action Plan & his Contract
with the American Voter
   Complete Video
(contract itself starts at 16min, 8sec)
Contract Text
"My Economics Plan will deliver at least 25 Million Jobs in one decade."
See: Implementation Details                    .   .
What the cultural & political Establishments can't grasp about Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton In 2013:  
I Would Like To See
Donald Trump Run For Office;
He's Honest and
He Can’t Be Bought
Trump Election
Divine Providence?
Any resemblance?
American Thinker
On Time, Under Budget
"My Position on
Donald J. Trump"

by Jon Rappoport  12-22-2016
One of the best analyses - who he really is and what he believes
Trump Vs Globalism & The Media
A 3-part detailed look at all the evil forces
Donald J Trump
An Execrable (Detestable) Coup - An Exhilarating Counter Coup
In 2009, America experienced a genuine coup d’état, exquisitely formulated and flawlessly executed after decades of planning by the socialists, communists, and jihadists among us who loathe America and have wished for nothing less than transforming our great country into a mecca of far-left, anti-American policies, punctuated by preposterous liberal constructs like political correctness and multiculturalism, and ultimately subservient to Sharia law.      Then..... along came The Donald.
The Donald is now The President
His Inaugural Speech was UNIQUE - like
nothing ever before.     See the Video  Text
Katie Rich, of Sat. Night Live, viciously tweets against innocent 10-year old son of our new president, Barron.
    He is NOT even home schooled!
     A NEW LOW from the Media.
Trump Is Not a Liberal or a Conservative, He's a "Pragmatist."

A different take on Donald Trump: 
a non-political agenda by Mychal S. Massie, an ordained minister.

(Definition: A pragmatist is someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal.
A pragmatist usually has a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach and doesn't let emotion distract him or her.)

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