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Barack Obama and his henchmen in the media were gloating after John McCain killed the Obamacare repeal bills.  They figured the crown jewel of Obama’s socialist agenda was safe.

They never expected Trump to pull off one of the most shocking moves of his Presidency.

Trump will sign an executive order that allows individuals to purchase insurance plans across states lines, and pool together to buy cheaper plans that aren’t burdened by Obamacare’s mandates and regulations.

Some experts believe this executive order is a death blow to Obamacare since more competition will lead individuals to flee the individual markets and purchase health care on their own.

Politico reports:
  “President Donald Trump is trying to do with the stroke of a pen what Republicans in Congress could not - END the Obamacare markets.

Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Thursday directing an overhaul of major federal regulations that would encourage the rise of a raft of cheap, loosely regulated health insurance plans that don’t have to comply with certain Obamacare consumer protections and benefit rules.  They’d attract younger and healthier people - leaving older and sicker ones in the Obamacare markets facing higher and higher costs.

It’s not yet clear how far the administration will go, or how quickly it can implement the president’s order.  But if successful, the new rules could upend the way businesses and individuals buy coverage - lowering premiums for the healthiest Americans at the expense of key consumer protections and potentially tipping the Obamacare markets into a tailspin.”

                    Obamacare apologists are accusing Trump of sabotage.

Politico also reports:   “Within a year, this would kill the market,”  said Karen Pollitz,   a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation who previously worked at former President Barack Obama’s HHS Department.

The focus of the directive is association health plans, which allow small-business owners, trade groups and others to band together to purchase health insurance. Such plans would be exempt from certain Obamacare’s rules, including requirements that it cover standard benefits, such as prescription drug coverage.  To make those changes, the administration is already working to reinterpret ERISA, a massive federal law that governs many workplace benefits, people familiar with the order said - opening the door to more expansive changes that could affect Obamacare plans more directly.

The administration is also preparing to roll back Obama-era restrictions on short-term health insurance plans, allowing insurers to once again sell stopgap policies which don’t cover pre-existing conditions, mental health services and many other costly benefits. Coverage could extend for as long as a year, up from a current three-month limit.

Those changes would spur the emergence of a deregulated health insurance system that competes for the same customers as the Obamacare markets, health policy experts said, creating a potentially destabilizing result:  Young and healthy enrollees would flock to the skimpy but cheap plans sold by associations and short-term insurance specialists, leaving behind the nation’s sickest patients in the increasingly expensive and untenable Obamacare markets.”

But the complaints reveal the rickety foundation Obamacare was built upon.
Obamacare was sold on the premise of lowering costs.

The scam was that younger and healthier Americans were being sucked into a system that sold them more expensive plans in order to subsidize other Americans’ health care costs.      
It was a gigantic transfer of wealth.

If opening up competition will kill the Obamacare markets, then it proves the law was a sham to begin with.

Congress has resisted Trump’s calls for repeal.    But Trump can chop the law to bits through regulatory changes, and he’s taken the first step with his new executive order.

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Obama Was Devastated When Trump Pulled Off One Shocking Move
Obama Was Devastated When Trump Pulled Off One Shocking Move
Our Congress is INFESTED with RINOs that only care about MONEY $$ - in THEIR pockets - from Special Interests - they are being Paid MILLIONS of $$ to vote FOR Obamacare and vote AGAINST anything that threatens it.       (Of course, the Democrats get the same $$ - or MORE!)

Yesterday, 10-16-2017, was the beginning of a REVOLUTION.
Steve Bannon & Sebastion Gorka Declared WAR against the Republican Establishment - the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only)
And, they are going to support the TRUE Republican Conservatives that run against these Traitors.

This is the 1st time in MY life that anybody, with any credibility, has decided to EXPOSE the CRIMES daily committed in DC by  Corrupt Legislators.

Of course, there were a few times, over the years, when some Honest Men tried - BUT, they were Instantly Marginalized by the MEDIA - declared to be Idiots, Radicals, Traitors or some such, and the naive American Public listened to the TRAITORS in Media.       So, the Honest Messages were ignored & they were rewarded with being Condemned into Oblivion!

Not this time!
Thanks to President Trumps efforts, at least SOME of the American People now realize that the Media has been LYING to us - 24/7 for YEARS! - and they are finally listening to those that are telling the TRUTH about what REALLY happens in D.C.

COUNT ON IT - the Media will attack all the Challengers - they'll call them everything bad they can invent - Truth won't matter!  
But, I believe the American Public will finally, this time, see through the LIES and elect PATRIOTS instead of PARASITES.

You've already seen something that has not happened in a long time -
Establishment Candidates BEATEN by Honest, Everyday, truly Conservative CITIZEN Candidates - Hallelujah!
I believe we can expect this to GROW - and let's hope it does - because that is the ONLY way we can regain our Country, our Society & our Government.
Against RINOs and Obamacare - The Trump Revolution 
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