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       Support Our Troops?   
     How about The Militia?
Most of the U.S. military is ILLEGAL, according to the Constitution.
‘Our troops’ are defined in the U.S. Constitution as only a Navy (clause 13), and Citizen Militias “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions” (clause 15).
Representative Elbridge Gerry, on August 17, 1789 in debate on what later became the Second Amendment, wrote:
“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty.  Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”
   Tactical Civics     (   
How can we Make America Great Again?
We start by Ratifying the ORIGINAL 1st Amendment.

It is already ratified by 11 states.  When we obtain 27 more state votes, U.S. congressional districts will be reduced to 50,000 people - 1/15 their current size.  Congressional races will be local, so millions of average Americans can run for office.
The ORIGINAL First Amendment - Ratify 28 fact Sheet
Our proposed Bring Congress Home Act will make each congressman work from a single hometown office, making half their present pay with no benefits and a staff of two.  Fact Sheet
Members of both houses of Congress limited to two terms.
Why should our servants decide their own pay, office conditions, staffing and lifetime benefits?
An Example of Viewing Several People with Telepresence
100,000 Lobbyists (90% not registered), all of the "Deep-State", & its Puppeteers (Bankers, Industrialists & the CFR) combine to make DC's Organized Crime the most Corrupt place on Earth.

AmericaAgain! will end almost all the corruption - and bring back the rightful, Constitutional Power & Sovereignty to We The People.
AmericaAgain! Has 21 additional reform laws will restore all that Washington D.C. has stolen from the American people...

· Constitutionally-limited courts
· Lawful money and moral banking
· Secure borders (end ‘anchor baby’ scam)
· Return all sovereign State lands
· Require clear, understandable legislation
· Restore the People’s privacy
· Secure the Internet from shutdown
· Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments
· Outlaw foreign religious law
· Outlaw electronic voting
· Outlaw insider trading by politicians
· Outlaw military conscription
· Outlaw federal grants
· De-fund all federal spending not specifically in the Constitution
· Restore local militia, the law enforcement and national defense
    that We The People stipulate in Art I, Sec 8 of the Constitution

Now Our Duty Begins 
We elected Donald Trump; now We The People drain the swamp.

I Want To Take Real Action - Right Now
What can I do to hit back at our domestic enemies TODAY? 
President Trump has kicked open the door of American history, as the first non-politician and true populist president in well over a century.
Now is the time to act,
STOP using the DC Congressional Bldg - Bring Congress HOME
America's Broken - Let's Fix It.  Tri-fold Pamphlet from AmericaAgain!
Our Senators are completely ‘out of touch’ -
they pay no attention to us &
DO NOTHING for their State’s Rights.

Our States have been swallowed up
by the Federal Government.
    Tactical Civics has a brilliant, simple plan to
restore State Sovereignty,
make our Senators & Representaives Accountable
    and put "We-The-People" back in charge.
is Destroying America!
What Happened to States Sovereignty
Read how
The 17th Amendment
Can We Prevent Unconstitutional Laws?
But, we have been trying for over 200 years!
With the Indictment Engine by Tactical Civics.
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An Open Letter to Oldsters

‘An open letter to President Donald Trump’ has been making the rounds of Facebook, supposedly from a Mary E. Hixson. If you’e over age 55, I have an open letter to you.

First, here are a few excerpts from Mary Hixson’s letter:

“There was a time as a citizen of this country that I had hope, a time that I believed that my vote counted, and a time that I believed we could make a difference…

“I am a Christian, and I know this offends some people out there but I believe in school prayer, in Jesus Christ as my redeemer, and God as his father and my creator.

“What is going on in our country…is beyond my understanding… Oh, there was joy and hope in my soul when you were elected. Things were going to be different…. I feel as if I am in a sinking ship that is adrift in the middle of a turbulent ocean. America is on the brink of going down. I pray everyday [sic] for her to survive.

“You are MY PRESIDENT and I stand by you. Please…do not (succumb to the oligarchy) and give us… back our country once again.”

: : :

Dear Mary,

Our team of 29 volunteers has been working for ten years - over 36,000 hours of due diligence, research and development - on the solution to America’s 150-year-long hijacking by DC organized crime. More times than I can count during that decade, I have asked Americans age 55-80 to join us and take responsibility.

They almost always refuse.

Our generation (I’m 62) is the most self-absorbed, whining, entitled generation in American history. I call them Irresponsibles because most older Americans refuse to do the duty of every American. They have a million excuses: poor health or spouse’s poor health…they’re just squeaking by on retirement or disability and can’t lift a finger. But they find time to complain or to post childish cartoons and memes 24/7 on the Internet. They find the energy to attend ‘seasoned citizen’ events that they enjoy. They find the spirit to go to church and pray as though they want revival, while not doing a damned thing to turn the ship off the rocks!

They have the money to keep their retirement account flush, or to drive across America like spoiled children in their RVs, “because we earned it!”. Yes, and they also earned the mess we see all around us, by their abdication of duty.

You know what I notice, Mary? Somehow when it comes to doing the chores in this republic, elderly Americans have a million excuses to go along with their complaints. They insist that they have done their part, and that younger generations should carry the ball. How CAN they, if you never taught them how? Never performed your duty to enforce the Constitution and arrest criminals in government, so liberty could again flow to merit in this republic?

Mary, why are you praying to a president as though he is our savior? Where did you study civics? Have you read the BIG opening words of our highest law? WE THE PEOPLE alone have the authority and duty for this mess that you are whining about. Do you honestly not know enough history to see that presidents can easily do evil to America, but lack the authority to do lasting good?

Sure, I’m sick of these entitled, lazy, communist young kids in the streets. But they have an excuse; the ignorance of youth and the terrible government schools that MY generation always supported, refusing to allow parents to choose for themselves. Now we have idiotic youth…and we’re surprised?

At least idiotic youth is more understandable than idiotic older generations; entitled, lazy, communist old Americans who do not even deserve the name American. They act and sound and think like old Italians or Mexicans or Russians. They are a far greater embarrassment to me because they have no excuse. Some of them are in their 70s or 80s, yet don’t know basic history or civics. They complain about illegal aliens coming here and not knowing what America is founded upon…but neither do they! Demanding free everything, they refuse to see that the money that Congress skimmed from their checks all their lives was spent as soon as it was skimmed. It’s gone. Stolen!

Yet they expect two dollars back for every dollar they had stolen from them; plus they demand free prescriptions and other stuff…from an empty well, being refilled every week from the booty stolen from the working generations behind them! But they don’t care; in their moral authority, they “only want what I have coming to me”. If you still don’t get it, oldster, don’t complain about the alien economics of those entitled youngsters in the streets. You are as stupid (wantonly ignorant) as they are; only older.

The respect that we are supposed to receive from younger generations is only deserved if we live as elders should live. Cynicism and the bile of a curmudgeon is not wisdom; it is destructive bitterness that only adds insult to injury.

I’ve given up attempting to rouse older Americans to responsibility, for they think and act more like children than adults. And of course if this describes you, the present pout on your lips and curses in your head only confirm my assertion.

If you’re screaming at your phone, tablet or computer about “all the sacrifices” you’ve made in life…I call bullshit. I’ve dealt with so many useless, fearful, cynical oldsters that I have more hope for silly kids in pussy hats.

Having said that, TACTICAL CIVICS™ reaches out to those in every generation who will take responsibility. We had hoped to see a far higher percentage of older Americans willing to do their duty; alas, we find it to be the opposite; the only demographic less likely than Millennials to take responsibility and action, is those over 60.

So. Don’t laugh or cry about the ignorant young kids on the street making fools of themselves. Our own generation shares the blame, for we should know better.

I pray for repentance to rain down on America; nothing else will melt hard, cynical hearts. If I’ve offended you, I don’t give a frog’s quivering thigh. You need to be called out at last, whether you are in the investor class or the Social Security class. Only the LORD can open your heart to duty - and I pray that He will.

But if you resist my admonition, at least stop embarrassing yourself, oldster. The demands and tantrums of “those kids today!” are not nearly as pathetic as yours.

David M Zuniga
An Open Letter to Oldsters
Important Articles:
Cabbages Kings and Tactical Civics
Over time, stupidity kills civilizations.  It sometimes strikes me that we Americans may be the stupidest people in history, or at least up there among the top few.
  There is a difference between
ignorance & stupidity;  the former can be fixed - by study;  the latter can't be fixed.
   Consider the first three words of the U.S. Constitution:
“We The People”... and then, “do ordain and establish...”.
In other words, when it comes to governments in this republic,
                       We The People are the big boss.
   I never used titles of nobility or distinction with my employees...  I don’t care what the style manual or your English teacher tells you to do;  when you address any public servant whether federal judge, president, state legislator, or city dog-catcher, you should use their last name as any employer would do with any employee.
   Most of us never learned rudimentary American civics, so we are merely ignorant.  That is easily remedied by study.
  We offer the free eBook Fear The People, the small PDF booklet Tactical Civics and many more remedial resources on our websites.
   Begin right where you are, fellow American.  Learn remedial civics;  then tell others.  We have many restoration projects planned ahead, and Mr. Trump can become an historic president if he chooses to be the champion of those projects - including our proposed Bring Congress Home Act.
   All of these restoration projects will be led by the People. 
None of them will be directed by our servantsRead it all...
They're finally getting the idea - Ryan Zinke plan to move federal Agencies OUT of Washington
Click to read ALL of the following IMPORTANT Article...
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Then get it printed &
Our FIRST Right
a 12-page pamphlet that explains
our MOST Important Right
that, through a "slip of the pen"
was never fully ratified.

Tactical Civics Introduction Video
by David Zuniga
Reclaiming 150 Years of Lost Liberties
22 Major Reform Laws
The LOST First Amendment
Starting an Old Engine - by John Leyzorek
This is a 2-part article the actually has EVERYTHING to do with how Tactical Civics can FIX our Government
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A Patriotic lady writes about what is happening in our country and how Tactical Civics can help Stop it!