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Let's Restore INTEGRITY to Government
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Let's put The People back In-Charge
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    States Rights & 17th Amendment   
AmericaAgain! Has 21 additional reform laws will restore all that Washington D.C. has stolen from the American people...

· Constitutionally-limited courts
· Lawful money and moral banking
· Secure borders (end ‘anchor baby’ scam)
· Return all sovereign State lands
· Require clear, understandable legislation
· Restore the People’s privacy
· Secure the Internet from shutdown
· Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments
· Outlaw foreign religious law
· Outlaw electronic voting
· Outlaw insider trading by politicians
· Outlaw military conscription
· Outlaw federal grants
· De-fund all federal spending not specifically in the Constitution
· Restore local militia, the law enforcement and national defense
    that We The People stipulate in Art I, Sec 8 of the Constitution

Now Our Duty Begins 
We elected Donald Trump; now We The People drain the swamp.

I Want To Take Real Action - Right Now
What can I do to hit back at our domestic enemies TODAY? 
President Trump has kicked open the door of American history, as the first non-politician and true populist president in well over a century.
Now is the time to act,
STOP using DC Congress Bldg
America'sBroken-Let'sFixIt.  Tri-fold Pamphlet from AmericaAgain!
              The 17th Amendment
                        What Happened to States Sovereignty?
                         Our Senators are completely ‘out of touch’ -
They pay no attention to us & DO NOTHING for their State’s Rights.
Our States have been swallowed up by the Federal Government.
   They now have to raise enormous sums of money for their election campaigns (most of this comes from Special Interests, much from ALL the other States, that BRIBE them to vote FOR them & AGAINST us).

Defining the problem is simple;
But 1st, how & why did it happen?
WHY?  The Demagogues knew there were BILLION$$ to be made if they could take control of the process. 
HOW?  It took them about 100 years to make sure the people FORGOT the real facts and ACCEPTED their argument that The People themselves had the “right” to elect their Senators.
The 17 Amendment removed ACCOUNTABILITY from the Senators.
The People now elected them but, had no way to find out WHO the Senators were working for. 
    The Senators no longer had to answer to the State Legislatures.   Before, if they Voted AGAINST the interests of the State, the Legislature knew it right away - and they would CENSURE or REMOVE them immediately.
    Now, they were far away, raising money for their campaigns invited every form of BRIBERY & CORRUPTION and the Media was happy to protect them (as long as THEIR $$ interests were met).
    So, essentially they have NOBODY to answer to -  they are free to do whatever gives them Political POWER & Personal WEALTH - and the poor, uninformed public has NO CLUE!

How can we fix this problem?
    This is obvious:  Repeal the 17th Amendment.
        (The 2nd & 3rd are BRILLIANT, conceived by
        Washington DC is by far the most ruthless, powerful city-state
        on earth -  criminogenic…
ur lawless federal servants actually teach our state, county
        and city servants to be equally corrupt.
2nd   We need to REMOVE our Senators from DC. - 
        We should pass the Bringing Congress Home Act.   
        We put each Senator in a leased office, in their Capitol-City
        (close to their BOSS - the State Legislature),
        give them 6 staff,  a website (to tell The People how they Vote)
        and computer with Telepresence Technology, which would allow
        them to do everything they can now do in Congress -
        but, BETTER & CHEAPER!
        It’s that simple.
   Then, for the icing on the cake, we Finish RATIFYING
        the ORIGINAL 1st Amendment, which called for a MAX of 50,000
        people per Rep in the House - so they could be
        “Feel the pulse of The People”..
        It’s still pending - It was never fully ratified -
        It will only take 27 more States to ratify it and MAKE IT LAW!
        Then, we Elect all 6,400 of them each with only 50,000 Voters,
        instead of the present 750,000.
        Then, similar to the Senators: - we give each of them a leased
        office in their hometown, a small staff of 2, a computer,
        a website (to publish their Votes), and Telepresence Technology

These 3 steps would give EVERYBODY easy access to their ‘Reps’ & Senators, make them accountable to us & their States, their Bosses, and Completely END the Corrupting Influence of D.C.


(There are 100,000 Lobbyists in DC, of which ONLY 10% are Legally Registered - What would they do?)