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RINOs - Republicans In Name Only
Amazingly, he was a poor soldier, a really bad pilot and did many, many SHAMEFUL things  during and after his service and while he was a POW, which included Betraying POWs & MIAs.
   Most men that were in the service with him will not have anything to do with him.
   Mccain had 20 hours of combat service, amazingly acquired 28 Medals (his father was an Admiral!) and he crashed at least 5 airplanes in this short time (at least 133 men died as a result of these crashes).

Do you think there's ANY Chance that the Patriotic Voters of Arizona would re-elect this TRAITOR if they knew the FACTS about him?
John McCain
(also known as "the Songbird")
is anything but a Republican

He is the epitome of the CORRUPT Establishment, has, & still is, been called a TRAITOR for his actions.

McCain has done his best over the years to attack or minimize
'any-&-all' Republican efforts to bring Truth or Constitutional Govt.
   He collaborates with Chuck Schumer and any other Democrats - in his latest DISGRACEFUL action: all-out WAR against President Trump. 
He & his "Foundation" have DIRECT connections to the ISIS, SETF and the Muslim Brotherhood, the far-left "destroyer of countries",
   In a recent speech, in Germany, this TURNCOAT proved, beyond a doubt, that he is a Globalist Shil.
Getting to know the REAL John McCain
by Burma Davis Posey (Miss Georgia 1968)
His mostly disgusting real history. 
With Confirmation as TRUE by TruthOrfiction.com
George Soros, and the Clinton 'Bag-Man', Teneo, are MAJOR Donors to his Foundation!
John Sidney McCain III, Patriot or Traitor
A "painful" history & analysis of his life.