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Will California secede from the United States?     I hope so. 
by Jon Rappoport
   Not going to happen, but it’s interesting to imagine it.

I’d like to see California secede, on the basis that they want a green economy and they want to “adjust” their immigration policies. 
It would be a sight to behold.  Wide open borders and wind propellers everywhere.

Virtually ALL of our Political Unrest would disappeat overnight.
Our Country would cure itself in no-time.
It would be WONDERFUL.
I’d give CA five years until total collapse.

It would be first state to secede and then beg to be let back into the country.
TrumpLand Vs The Clinton Archipelago
Perhaps these two maps will indicate, to Democrats and Republicans alike, the legitimacy of the election of a President Trump:  Click this map to Download it
The Democrat Party

This is a 'compendium' of FACTS,
starting with "Events That Began The Destruction of America", through Remedies, Leakers, Appendices of Soros funded subversive organizations, popular "Leftist History Books",  the LEFT's PLAN to Destroy the American Middle Class and a LIST of Govt Agencies in 1946 and currently in 2017. 
   While our Population doubled, our Government grew to be 14 TIMES bigger.     The result: 
We now have Far LESS FREEDOM and pay Far MORE TAXES...WHY?
You see
that California is about 1/2 of ALL the
Clinton Voters.   
The Cancel Culture
The Democrat Party has become a "Woke" Autocracy.
They are all about ‘our way or the freeway.’ They will cancel, intimidate,
use disparaging words to name you
and constantly LIE.

Furthermore, nobody that has been a Voting Democrat over 20 years even RECOGNIZES their Party anymore!
(they remember when our country was GREAT)

"Cancel Culture" is NOW the Platform!
"Communism" is NOW the Agenda!.
LOOK at the map -->