Govt. Misinformation
You Gotta Lie!
Oh! What a tangled progressive web we weave . . .
Red-blue, conservative-liberal, and Republican-Democrat mark traditional American divides.
   But one fault line is not so 50/50 - that of the contemporary hard progressive movement versus traditional politics, values, and customs.
We keep learning about all sorts of disturbing and leaked secret side agreements to the Iran Deal & many more.  Without them, the progressive agenda underlying the concessions was bound to be unpalatable to the American people.
  So, without a ruse, there can be no progressive project - as was true in the past of any illogical and unappealing
ideology.      In short, you gotta lie.         
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The "ROBBING HOOD" & othe Power Elite Principles
                       (How to Destroy a Country)
Have you wondered why things are in a mess today and there seems to be no control over unfolding events?
It's because of the effect of the principles of the Power Elite (PE). To understand how this works, you actually have to try to think like the PE, and the following list demonstrates their process.
1) corrupt the masses----get people to tolerate sex outside marriage because that, in effect, would be
telling God to get lost.               See the 19 more...
A congressional committee revealed that Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, covered up an investigation into the death of the Border Patrol agent murdered during Operation "Fast and Furious".
  Not that it’s a complete surprise to many of us, but…
If you remember correctly, this was a gun-running scheme concocted by the government that went totally south in a very big way and is one of the biggest blotches on Obama’s legacy.
    YES, there was a cover-up, and it’s
          WORSE than we thought…