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Misc. Documents
Thanksgiving Proclamation
by George Washington  Oct-3rd-1789
These Celebs Said
They Would Leave America
If Donald Trump Is Elected President -
and Supreme Court Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
said she'd RESIGN
(she'll have to Wake Up first!)
What's the Truth about Thanksgiving?
It may not be exactly as you were taught, but it is certainly Truthful & something we can be Proud of.   (PragerU by Michael Medved
                    video & short quiz)
Nine Very Different Accounts of the Pilgrims & Thanksgiving.
There is a lot of truth in each of these stories, and a lot of the truth has been omitted too.
I think it is all here, but NONE of these Stories give it all - usually for POLITICAL reasons!
The 7th & 8th are by Rush Limbaugh - mainly created for kids but most adults think they're great.    But, the last one takes the cake - pure distortion of truth -
FAKE NEWS by the Huffington Post,       Sad.
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