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Misc. Documents
Thanksgiving Proclamation
by George Washington  Oct-3rd-1789
These Celebs Said
They Would Leave America
If Donald Trump Is Elected
President - and
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg said she'd RESIGN
What's the Truth about Thanksgiving?
It may not be exactly as you were taught, but it is certainly Truthful & something we can be Proud of.   (PragerU by Michael Medved
                    video & short quiz)
Nine Very Different Accounts of the Pilgrims & Thanksgiving.
There is a lot of truth in each of these stories, and a lot of the truth has been omitted too.
I think it is all here, but NONE of these Stories give it all - usually for POLITICAL reasons!
The 7th & 8th are by Rush Limbaugh - mainly created for kids but most adults think they're great.    But, the last one takes the cake - pure distortion of truth -
FAKE NEWS by the Huffington Post,         Sad.
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