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Make America Great Again
Berkeley Riots 
Sedition Laws Must Be Enforced
Prosecute the Rioters

And make sure that we condemn them as well.
     For the political Left in this country,
violence in the pursuit of
social justice
         is not to be condemned,
       it is to be
There is the occasional 'winking' rebuke of the forcible methods, but the underlying “progressive” cause is always endorsed, and the seditionist vanguard is the object of adulation.

It is a huge problem in our country.

What is being championed is NOT dissent.

It is the DESTRUCTION of
the Right to Dissent.
It is the suspension of the Rule Of Law,
without which a Free Society protective of Life, Liberty, and Property is impossible.
Our Most Dangerous & Treacherous Times in Our History?

We have entered a time in the history of the United States of America that augurs whether or not we will survive as a nation. 
   When We-the-People elected Donald J. Trump as our president,
the globalist powers visibly headed by
Luciferian leader and Obama Friend George Soros    began their malicious work to overturn the election and end the USA as it was founded. 
   Since 20 January 2017, the protests against our elections-and us-have increased as more anarchists have been and are continuing to be brought into the fray by these same New World Order globalists. 
   George Soros - just as he fomented and spurred on the Ferguson and other paid-for riots - is firmly behind the worldwide rioting and attempted overturn and destruction of the Trump administration…and the USA. 
What's the Difference?
It consists primarily in the subjective ultimate object of the violation to the public peace.
  Sedition does not consist of levying war against a government or of adhering to its enemies, giving enemies aid, and giving enemies comfort.
  Nor does it consist, in most representative democracies, of peaceful protest against a government, nor of attempting to change the government by democratic means (such as direct democracy or constitutional convention).

  Sedition is the stirring up of rebellion against the government in power, or encouraging one’s fellow citizens to rebel against their State.

  Treason is the violation of Allegiance to one’s Sovereign or State, giving aid to enemies, or actually betraying one’s country by aiding and abetting another State or levying war against one’s State.
Who is
the most Dangerous Man
in the USA today?
is the Biggest Funder of      Violence in Protests
Soros funds 208 Far-Left Groups
                        See the LIST

Many of them practice SEDITION, which is only 1-step below TREASON, on a daily basis           (see definition in the upper-right)

          One of Soros' favorite subversives,

            is basically The New KKK
       It has become the latest successor in
       this mantle of RACISM & VIOLENCE. Urges
Banana Republic-Style Coup

By John Griffing - on December 19, 2016
         George Soros: The Black Hand

SHARE on   Facebook     Twitter     Google+ is asking Americans to support overthrowing the votes of almost every state in the union, and to support overthrowing our constitutional system of elections - a system which (though not flawless) is respected the world over as the most successful example of democracy in action.
    Peaceful transfer of power, combined with a commitment to the rule of law (not the
rule of men), make the USA one of the only free nations not darkened by dictators, genocide and oppression.

Love or hate Donald Trump, we are still a nation of laws, and
what MoveOn is doing is a criminal act. Whether or not chances of MoveOn’s success are nearly nill, the actions themselves foreshadow a terminal direction in the course of how we do business in America, and should raise alarm.

Nations that live by laws embrace “change” in a democratic way that looks out for the rights of everyone.
      Imagine if 51 % of voters decided
       to put the other 49 % in camps?

That has happened in several countries, all with a single “popular vote.”

Well, for obvious reasons, that isn’t how things “change” in America.

When Barack Obama swept into office on a tide of “hope and change”, there were many on the right who had grave concerns about what he would do to our country. And he has proven even worse than we predicted.

If there was ever an election that might have motivated a party to make a reasoned case for the electoral college to look for legal steps to block a candidate’s ascension to power, that was the one.

But there were
  no threats of violence,
  no bribes of electors,
  no celebrities pressuring electors to break
     their oaths, and
  no legal defense funds being set up to pay
     the fines of faithless electors.

Although there was plenty of vocal opposition to Barack Obama from the right, the peaceful transfer of power took place as it always has in this republic.

Why now the unhinged, irrational rage from the Left, their willingness to throw aside every last vestige of decency and propriety, every last veneer of honesty and respectability?

It’s not because they actually think Trump is unfit or unqualified to be president.
Nor is it because they actually believe the Russians are the reason Hillary lost.
To the contrary, I believe

             it’s because they’re almost
             certain that he will succeed.

And that will completely reveal the fraud they’ve perpetrated on the American people.

As America begins to regain her soul, and the devastating, destructive effects of the last 8 years begin to be reversed, the resulting American resurgence will completely expose the venality and lies of the left.
            That is their fear,
            that is the reason,
for their willingness to burn the house down.

We reject such guerilla-like behavior in America.
when proposals to destroy the system (MoveOn) or silence the voice and freedom of others are the objective, then amendments often can and do prevent the worst from occurring.

But the system depends on those living under it to keep the faith and respect the process.
Anything less would have meant America’s self-destruction many times before now.

MoveOn is engaging in ignorance on this point or just being dishonest, because the popular vote does matter: it matters in EVERY STATE, and the electors of each state are legally bound to support the candidate a majority of their state’s citizens supported.

So in truth, doesn’t actually care about democracy or the integrity of the vote.
They care about the votes of California, New York and Chicago. is urging people to ignore the voters of almost every state, which flies in the face of everything the now-overtly subversive group says it believes.

What MoveOn believes, however, is less important than what it is asking people to do.

In asking electors to vote against their own state’s voters,
  MoveOn is committing an illegal act:
requesting that electors break state laws.

On a deeper and more visceral level, MoveOn and its backers
(e.g., a Hungarian, billionaire
      statist named George Soros
who hacks elections all over the world)
is betraying the very system this nascent liberal revolutionary mob will need to keep control of the citizens it now willfully disenfranchises in the name of democracy.

The illegal call to violate the laws of our land, and the concerted effort to overthrow the Constitution, as evidenced by the attached email, is not a topic for polite conversation, nor is it academic.
           It is a criminal act and
           should be treated as such.

George Soros and MoveOn must be held to account by the proper election authorities for meddling - or alternatively, “hacking” our elections.

If we start allowing exceptions to the system, no totalitarian nightmare will be unthinkable.

And further, if we start deciding whose ideas matter, or which voters count, then the First Amendment will be no more than words on paper.

Beware those who demand lawlessness in the name of preserving peace.

MoveOn, and anyone caught advocating the overthrow of our elections, must be seen for who they are. Success is a moot point - their actions are dangerous and portend future possible attempts to overthrow our democracy.

We must immediately put a stop to this illegal attack on our Constitution, and our country, by any legal means necessary.

Chicago Mayor Daley - in 1968:
Shoot-To-KILL Arsonists,
(they are endangering LIVES)
maim or disable Looters

He was right - it is the ONLY way to STOP
this insanity & lawlessness
(and he was a Democrat!) - and George Soros
are Guilty of SEDITION
(for they surely are encouraging Citizens to Rebel against their Government),

    and perhaps TREASON
(as they are attempting to violate the ALLEGIANCE of our Citizens to their State and to ILLEGALLY overthrow the U.S. Government).

       If Soros is found GUILTY,
which he SURELY is,
he also should have his U.S.
Citizenship revoked.
21 Ways The Devil is Using
The Democrat Party

to Destroy America.

The deals with how the "OLD" Party has been transformed into the
"NEW" Socialist one.