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Main-Stream Media
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   The need....
To "Kill" a "Mockingbird"

The recent and shameful performance of the Main-Stream-Media's (*MSM) blatant interference in the Clinton / Trump Election Campaigns makes us all look like Hypocrites of Freedom and Liberty.

The once perceived "Honor-bound" (MSM), Media, that appeared to maintain and embrace a High degree of Ethics, and Journalistic Morals, has shown itself to be a struggling 'stay out of the Gutter' entity, unable to grasp and uphold their obligations to an America where many have Died to protect them in their (alleged) pursuits of the Truth.

America needs to rein-in these corporate Goliath's.   Read more..

Media Dishonesty Matters
   Has a list:The Dishonest 101

American Thinker.  This was written in 2007 -the situation's much Worse in 2016.    (add Fox News as #102).        
            The REAL Fake News List
             Do any of these TRAITORS look familiar?
(They know that if you repeat a Lie long enough, it will become Truth)
At least 65 mainstream media reporters were chummy with the Hillary campaign from the beginning.
Fake News reporters from ABC, CBS, POLITICO, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, New York Times, the Washington Post and more
Fake News Organizations: ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, Huff Post, NYT, Politico, the Guardian
Fake News Orgnaizations: The Washington Post, Vox, Vice, The Hill
You can feel the tension
when NBC anchors are called out for liberal bias - by their own colleague

Things got tense on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.... on election night I never saw you so unhappy.  You picked sides . Everybody picked sides...
Mitchell then wondered:
      If Clinton can’t break through as the first woman to become president, then
“who can?”
Ten (actually 12) basic forms of Fake News used by major media
   Jan 5, 2017 by Jon Rappoport
The basic purpose of these ten forms is the presentation of a false picture of reality.
You could find more forms, or divide these ten into sub-categories.       Read more...