Homosexuality - LBGTQ - NAMBLA
  The Gay Manifesto
  We shall Sodomize Your Sons
A Warning 30 years ago - a REALITY today

They have infested every single Govt Agency, they are now 100% on all TV sets, and most of the TV and other Media admin.
There are very few Americans that would have accepted LBGT even 10 years ago.  Not even 1/10th of that small number would have accepted NAMBLA.
Today, both are "Politically Correct" and you will be criticized, and maybe driven out, if you don't EMBRACE both these CONTEMPTIBLE agendas.
                   Wake Up. 
Every civilization in Human History found - the HARD Way - that they cannot be trusted - because they will put their personal sexual agenda in front of everything, including their country.
This was 'mildly accepted' during the Bush administration but came to the forefront and was pushed hard for acceptance during the Obama administration - because he is one.
See if you can read this without puking.
15 Reasons why Homosexuality is Wrong
and Hurts Society

Homosexuality, even from a non-Christian worldview,
is a harmful visitation on society, destructive, and sick
Gay Obama Info Compilation
Summary of Events & Internet Articles regarding Obama's ABERRANT & ILLEGAL Actions.                      (with all source URLs)
This will DISGUST you!
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Barack Obama is a BI-SEXUAL.  And that is only the beginning of the things we SHOULD know about him.