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The solution is simple: Our elected representatives must follow their oaths.

The SENATOR's Role

I believe that government must faithfully represent, and be accountable to You & Me - We The People,
that legislators must faithfully Honor their OATHS to uphold the Constitution and our Laws
(they MUST vote 100% for the Constitution & Republican Values - 100% of the time)
and, additionally, have a duty of full transparency to their constituents. 
To do this, they KNOW that they cannot, as the Founding Fathers understood so well, stay too long - NO Career Politicians

They can not compromise THEIR Beliefs or OUR Rights (you & me) in any Bill.
They should not give Special Interests any Preferences - EVER.

They should only vote for Bills that are Constitutional, treat all Citizens equally, respect all Rights and are actually needed and affordable.
They should NOT accept Donations from any Special or Big Corporate Interests or any with even the smallest String attached.

All our Senators & Representatives should hold regular Town Hall meetings throughout their District to discuss legislative priorities, answer our questions, and hear concerns.
They should keep us informed all during the year and post the results of these meetings on their website
as well as on other media (Regional Newspapers, Social Media etc.) - for ALL to see.
When in session, post their votes Publicly & Promptly: 
The Bills & Issues (Who gains, Who loses, Who pays & Why), How they voted and Why.


The role of government, in a Free Society is to PROTECT Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness
(Results are NOT guaranteed - but our Right to TRY is)
To Protect all OUR Rights against those that would infringe upon them.  We don’t need ANY more government than this.

The Government of a FREE People isn't created to ‘take care of' us, but to ensure our Freedom
& ability to make our own Free Choices,
so we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones, better than any bureaucrat ever could, and determine our own futures.
Individual Responsibility does not mean that YOU, or our Government, should be responsible for MY poor choices
(I can protect myself against 'bad luck' with an Insurance Policy). 
If I choose to ignore the possibilities, I ALONE face the consequences of MY actions.
Why should YOU pay for MY poor choices? 

We should NEVER FORGET:  “No government can give you anything, except what it first TAKES from someone else.” 
"Rule of Law" means ALL laws apply equally to Everybody - none treated preferentially.   Govt should not pick Winners & Losers.

Our Electeds MUST vote for Liberty - so YOU & I can determine our own future -  
- and to protect Every One of our RIGHTS and our Property.
YOU earned it - not the Government or anyone else - YOU should keep it.


Education of our children may be our most important function in life.
Determining WHAT our children are taught and HOW they are taught MUST be a LOCAL thing -
- the Parents in cooperation with their Teachers - determining the curriculum, according to OUR needs and desires. 
Education funding should be allocated to Teachers and Students, not bureaucrats.
Waste, fraud, and incompetence cannot be tolerated when the stakes - our children's futures - are so high. 
Support LOCAL control of education, school and curriculum choice for parents
and the option to participate, with credits, in private or home schooling. 

The Federal Govt. has NO authority, in the Constitution or anywhere, to even be involved in education, except to ‘encourage’ it.

COMMON-CORE - The latest Federal Educational Program Debacle:
Who can support a plan: That removes the Parents and the Teachers, the ONLY people that truly LOVE, understand and care about our children, from any input in WHAT they are taught and HOW they are taught?
It replaces them with totally unaccountable Appointed Bureaucrats that know nothing of our children, care little about them, who will be graded NOT by their academic achievements, but by how well they Brainwash our children and remove LOCAL accountability? 

Common-Core is Unconstitutional and is full of Frightening Intrusions into our personal and family Rights to Privacy.
Fight against “Common Core” and ANY Federal Control over our children’s education -
- an Unconstitutional Intrusion on Education & Privacy.
Unaccountable, Appointed Bureaucrats could NEVER do a better job than the Parents, Teachers & Local Schools will do.


A strong economy means Economic OPPORTUNITY at all income levels. 
In a Free Society we are all are Free to do what we think is best for ourselves & our Loved ones -
- as long as we do not infringe on the Rights of others. 
We are all EQUAL - in Rights of Opportunity - and, each person has the greatest of incentives to do better. 

Why?   Freedom of Choice - We're FREE to Buy whatever we Like or Value
(what we perceive will bring the most enjoyment for the price we're willing to pay).
No person will WILLINGLY buy anything he perceives as lower in Value.

Even a ditch-digger KNOWS:  "If I dig BETTER ditches I'll be the most '
in demand' ditch-digger around - and MY life will be Better."
The Inventor of the better mousetrap will sell more - people will WILLINGLY pay their hard earned money - ALL their lives will be improved. 
(Yes, some will make more money than others but, all that TRY to be better, are better off than those that don't try.)
Freedom of Choice make everybody's life BETTER.
The BEST of everything is available to EVERYONE - each chooses the level of Value HE desires.  Poor ideas quietly die and the Best rise to the top - available to EVERYONE at the lowest possible price - (UNLESS the Government INTERVENES - then Choices & Values go DOWN & Costs go UP!)

Red tape & Regulations are dragging-down our small and mid-sized businesses - killing the life blood of our society. 
Regulations ALWAYS result in Higher Costs, Lower Production & Fewer Choices - LESS VALUE - leaving fewer jobs and fewer options for all. 
We need Representatives that understand this - that will Vote for our Freedom,  our Freedom of Choice  and Equal Rights of Opportunity. 
They MUST Vote for FREE Markets - against Regulations, Bureaucracy & ANY Govt Intervention - Free markets bring more Value to Everybody.


Ever increasing taxes are killing hard-working Georgians - allowing politicians to AVOID hard decisions about the needs of our state.
     We all know that it is extremely rare when Govt can do better than private enterprise - LESS government is BETTER government.
We need out Representatives to reduce and eliminate taxes by Reducing Government.
They MUST fight ANY & ALL increases in taxes for ANY reason.
It is their DUTY to make government accountable for every penny it spends of YOUR money.

Our Income Tax is too complex, nobody understand it, it picks Winner & Losers - 1/2 the people pay NOTHING benefits received.
Taxes should be 'in relation to benefits' we actually enjoy - not by how much money we make or the connections we DON'T have! 
I like a Consumption Tax, like the FAIRTAX - it ONLY applies when we BUY things - one time only - and completely Replace the IRS.
Click here to compare the FairTax
I support anyone trying to eliminate the Georgia Income Tax and, eventually eliminating ALL forms of Property taxes.

Why are we "FINED every YEAR" for KEEPING what is already ours?

Until we eliminate Property Taxes, we should support ALL Property Valuations being Fixed to the original purchase price.
Let's bring back The ‘American Dream’ - preventing you from losing your Home to the Tax-Collector after you retire - from higher & higher taxes.

A parting thought:  Why do we ALWAYS have more & more taxes? Because government NEVER gets more efficient!  
Politicians & Bureaucrats always want MORE and to take over more & more of OUR lives. 
YOU can decide what is good for YOU - better than any bureaucrat.


Kathleen Sebelious, original head of ObamaCare, finally RESIGNED!  -  It is SO BAD, even she couldn't take the heat!

Businesses have had to cut employee hours and limit hiring.    It is fully 1/6 of our  entire economy.   Many have lost coverage entirely, or are facing much higher premiums to insure their families.     Insurance companies are even LESS accountable to consumers.    
Many of the best Doctors decided to retire early - and many more will follow.     It is Totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Obamacare is Socialism at its ‘finest’ - it dictates: What care will be provided, How it will happen,
will do it, Where it will happen, When it will happen and How much they can charge
You and your Doctor will have little or no say in YOUR healthcare.

Inevitably, it will result in Poorer Care for More Money because there is NO INCENTIVE, anywhere, for those involved to do BETTER!
In fact, they Guaranteed that 'the program will go on' -
regardless of cost or inefficiency, because it has removed ALL Competition.

Obamacare already removed YOUR Doctor, who knows you and you trust, from the “serious decisions” part of Healthcare
and turned that over to appointed bureaucrats who will be measured by how LITTLE they spend on YOUR healthcare. 
It is driving the Real Insurance Companies out of the business as it is NOT “insurance” at all - they cannot charge in relation to the expected costs.
Only those that go along with this TOTALLY DICTATED travesty will “survive” - as SHAM Private Industries. 

Where will the extra Doctors and all the extra money come from?  Heaven?  Or Hell?
We must STOP Obamacare in GA. - support FREE CHOICE for you, your family and your Doctor, in healthcare and in insurance plans.


The US Constitution limits the Federal Government to only 18 specific powers - the rest are left to the States & The People.
Our Rights are Natural & Inalienable Rights -
not given by, nor removable by, any government.
However, to enjoy this Freedom and these Rights, we must rely on the U.S. Bill of Rights and the Georgia Constitution to Protect them.
  Demagogues in the U.S. and GA Governments have eroded our Freedoms & Rights - bit by bit - in the name of “Security”.
Ben Franklin, much better educated than any today, said: 
“He that gives up his Rights for Security deserves neither and will lose them both.”
If we lose the 2nd amendment, we will lose all the rest in rapid succession - The 2nd is the ONLY one that ENSURES the others

Electing 'Career Politicians' is killing our country!     We must elect Citizen Patriots to serve as our Officials,..  that will SERVE
their Country for a short time, then return to their personal lives - as the Founding Fathers envisioned, and George Washington did.

The Politicians say “it’s impossible to get anything done without negotiating compromises on both sides”.
This is ‘the message of Demagogues’. 
It means:
I’m willing to give up YOUR Rights, and YOUR Freedoms, so  I can continue in Power.
When you hear “politically correct”: THINK!   Must I give up MY 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech so others won’t be offended?
Shouldn't we enforce our LAWS against those that cause trouble?     Will my reward for cooperation be a
"Thank-you",  or  “Leg-Irons”?
We need to Vote for TERM LIMITS & to uphold the U.S. and Ga Constitutions - for us to:
be Truly FREE to: speak, worship & defend ourselves, be Individually Responsible for our Choices,
be Free of government intrusions, have an unbiased Judicial system and Engage in 'the pursuit of happiness'.


Individuals and Businesses should NEVER have to worry
about Bureaucrats depriving them of their own property.

You should be Free to "do as you like" with YOUR property - as long as it does not interfere with the Rights of others.
The Constitution prohibits this 
- Eminent Domain is ONLY for Public Use - and you must be Fairly Compensated
This means
your land can NOT be ‘Constitutionally’ taken for a Developer, or for Section 8 Housing either
(because, Section 8 housing is NOT public, it is merely
Unconstitutionally subsidized for PRIVATE benefit - by YOUR tax money).

Neighborhoods that agree to 'common rules' shouldn't see their Contracts arbitrarily suspended for certain people or by Govt.  The US Constitution and the Georgia Constitution specifically PROHIBIT the states from passing any Law
'impairing the Obligation of Contracts’, which of course means as long as they do not conflict with the law. 
We must fight against civil forfeiture laws, abuse of eminent domain, contracts, and Local regulations that impose on YOUR Rights. 
YOU worked hard to buy YOUR Property  -  the Government didn't give it to you, nor did anyone else  - its YOURS!

Do you "really" OWN your property?
If you do, how come some governments can tell you:  What you will have on it?   Where it will be placed?  What you are allowed to do & not do on your land?  What materials you use to build your home?  What it must look like?  What appliances you must buy for your home?  Take a portion of its value away from you every year (in Taxes)?  Rob your Land Itself (for roads, easements, waterways, etc.) and more?

Where did their AUTHORITY come from?  It is NOT ALLOWED in the Constitution


We are being FORCED, by LAW, to use light bulbs, toilets, and other expensive things that we don’t like and don’t want.
Many of these laws are sold to us as designed to “Protect us against OURSELVES!”
Small food producers are being subjected to onerous regulations that bankrupt them & prevent people from buying what they really WANT! 
Agriculture is Georgia's #1 industry - removing 'Crony' regulations will ensure Freedom,
more Choices for ALL and will keep our Industry STRONG.
Many of our laws ignore Freedom of Choice and even our own history.  Most of them are the results of Cronyism and Special Interests - they bring profit to the “chosen ones” at YOUR expense & Mine - not only of Money$, but of our Rights of “Free Choice”.
Our entire government is out of control: 
Imagine, in some places it's ILLEGAL to serve raw milk!    Nearly every person in the WORLD lived of raw milk for thousands of years! 
Imagine - If you are terminally ill, there may be drugs you could buy to ease your suffering, and maybe even cure you, but they are ILLEGAL!
Why?     Because they haven’t been ‘approved’ by the FDA or, because they could kill you!    What????
Personal responsibility includes, as the basic premise, accounting for Personal RISK!. 
No one on Earth can better assess risk to YOUR life and YOUR well-being than you.      
Your life belongs to YOU - not the government.
We must STOP Special Interest & Crony Laws, that bring Wealth to a 'Chosen Few' and unfairly restrict YOUR Right to buy what YOU want.


Law enforcement should be preventing crimes against Person and Property,
protecting us against those that break our Laws, which are enacted to stop and punish those that infringe on our Rights;
All other concerns are secondary. 
Law enforcement should NOT be a means of “Revenue Enhancement”.  It should be exactly as is printed on thousands of Police cars: 
“To Serve & Protect”. 

Our courts are rapidly coming to ENACT LAW, rather than Judge it, and to re-define our Constitution and Laws
according to “current thinking”  & 'political correctness'  - rather than “Original Intent” and “Common-Sense”.

Our Police are hamstrung by Under-Funding & ridiculous laws
that allow Criminals to GO FREE if even a small error is made,

or, if they are NOT told that anything they say can be used against them!   Not one person on Earth is so stupid as to not know this!

This is INSANITY!  The error did NOT erase the Crime, nor undo the Victim! 
If someone makes an error they should be chastised accordingly - but the Criminal should not be exempted from his crime.

We must fight to redirect our Courts & Police Departments back into PROTECTION of The People -
- with the proper funds for their proper actions.
We must VOTE to restore Constitutionality, Consistency, Common-Sense and Sanity - everywhere - within our legal system.

DEBT and The FED

Our government must live within its means, just as you and I do.
Our Federal Debt is overwhelming and unconscionable - $17 Trillion. This debt must be paid - by whom?
Your children and grandchildren, and mine.  For every $1.00 we pay in, Our government BORROWS an additional $0.40 -
Yes, it spends $1.40 (after interest, with very little left for Government Projects)
Our Over-Spending Today goes on our
Grandchildren’s Credit Card. 
What could be worse than STEALING from our Grandchildren?
We each owe $58,500 in Taxes - ABOVE what we normally pay.  YOU & I will pay $117,000 extra because ½ the people pay NO taxes.
If your grandchildren work 40 years,  then EACH will pay an
Extra $2,920 per year for their ENTIRE LIFE.
Our government prints $85 Billion in ‘funny money’ every month -
backed by NOTHING!    
This is $283
00/month per man, woman and child
This 'funny money' has NO real VALUE - so it DILUTES everything we have of REAL value - Everything YOU own!.
OUR Government STEALS $283/month from every person in the USA (the value of ALL real things is REDUCED by $85 Billion/mo).
The FED is not even owned by our Government!   
It is a private enterprise, formed by the 7 richest families in the World -
in 1913 we handed over our entire Money System to them.
They have been STEALING from YOU & Me ever since - 
- PURPOSEFULLY through Inflation - the UNSEEN Tax.  When costs go up the Value of Money goes down - YOU LOSE that amount.
So, they have been STEALING about 5% of EVERYTHING you own - every year - all your life!
This is a Federal Issue - It affects us all - We all need to know, so we can do whatever possible to Expose this TRAVESTY and correct it.
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