Our Founding Documents
The Northwest Ordinance
Created July 13, 1787
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Arguably the single most important piece of legislation passed by members of the earlier Continental Congresses and the Confederation Congress, other than the Declaration of Independence itself.
   Among other things, it set up a model for future States,
prohibited slavery, protected religious liberty, and encouraged education
The Declaration of Independence
Signed July 4, 1776
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         The Lee Resolution
Proposed June 7, Signed July 2, 1776
A Resolution was introduced on June 7th in the Continental Congress by Richard Henry Lee (Virginia) proposing a Declaration of Independence, Declaring that the 13 Colonies should become Free, Independent, Sovereign States
(this meant Countries in 1776
and it still does)

with Effectual Measures for Foreign Alliances and a Plan for a Confederation of the 13 Independent, Sovereign States for their mutual Protection & Welfare
(good - has nothing to do with "free-stuff").
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The Kentucky Resolutions
(of 1798, by Thomas Jefferson)
was the 1st strong call for States Rights,
of Unconstitutional Federal Laws.
The Virginia Resolutions
(of 1798, by James Madison)
was the 2nd moderate call for States Rights, for
of Unconstitutional Federal Laws.
And we can do it with
The Constitution gives the Federal Government ONLY 18 Powers:
Intl Affairs, War, Treaties, Immigration, Patents, Uniform Commerce, some Taxes, Money, & Protect your GOD-Given Rights
(to Life, Liberty, Property, to be Left Alone, Religion, a Fair Trial, Free Speech & Press)

The States & The People are given:
    Everything else - all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.
on what the Limit of its Powers
could be.
These two documents clearly set out the Justification & Authority
that the States had,
as Independent, Sovereign, co-States,
that entered into the "Compact" that
CREATED the Federal Government,
which had ONLY Limited and
Specifically Enumerated Powers,
that were defined in the Constitution,
that ALL other Powers were defined
as belonging to
the States or The People.
it showed there was
no other "proper" way, as
the Federal Government
should NOT be it's own Judge