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Who is the REAL Ted Cruz?
What about Heidi?     Does She want to protect our great country's Sovereignty?
They are both together - but, ON WHAT?

He is NOT a 'Natural-Born-Citizen'
so he, as well as Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley & OBAMA are
      NOT Constitutionally ELIGIBLE
to be the President of the United States.

He said: "If Obama Can do it -So Can I"
His Birth
& Citizenship records are Sealed.
          WHY? (Illegally - Just like Obama?)
                       More related info.

       --> He didn't KNOW? <--
2012 Ted Cruz Interview:
  “What is your understanding of how one 
    becomes a natural born Citizen?”

            Ted Cruz:
“Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”

Presidential Eligibility Tutorial
   (the most complete ever compiled)
    by Stephen Tonchen

       Why Ted LIED About His Mother. 
Contains a time-line on the whole family
& Previously Unknown & Important Facts.

Ted 'neglected' to mention on his Ethics Disclosure Report that Goldman-Sachs had LOANED him a MILLION$$

WHY would Goldman-Sachs loan Ted Cruz MILLION$$? 

Ted has an Insurance Plan from Goldman-Sachs that may be far better than anything his Senate Collegues could ever get -
           a real CADILLAC Plan.
CFR Report:  (a PAGE on the CFR)
Building a North American Community

Ted Cruz, working under Geo W. Bush, was instrumental in requesting the creation of this Report from the CFR.
is the Council on Foreign Relations?
(How about the TriLateral Commission?
Or, the Bilderburgs?)

This Report was designed to
merge Mexico, the U.S. & Canada
into ONE Country

- against the wishes
of the American People -

and the U.S. was to pay to bring Mexico
       up to OUR standard of Living.

Heidi Cruz, is a Regional Director of Goldman-Sachs (2nd Highest Level) and one of the principal Authors of this CFR Report - WOW!  
She & Ted met while they worked together on this HEINOUS Report
(He, for Geo. W. Bush;
She for the CFR & Goldman-Sachs).

Read Heidi's comments/opinions,
as INCLUDED in the fi
nal Plan.

"I support the Task Force Report and its Recommendations..."

It will completely REMOVE every bit
of YOUR Personal Sovereignty & OUR State & National Sovereignties!

So, when Ted Cruz promised that he would "control" the border
between the US & Mexico,
his Wife was already in on this
ERASE the border!

  How do these two fit into this PLAN?
(the CFR, Trilateral Commission
& Bilderburgs)

Are we to believe that these two don't
  even communicate with each other
   that they have very different beliefs? 
        Rush Limbaugh thinks so ! ? ! ?    Really?
But, What about RUSH?
(he's the Ultimate Conservative - Right?)
    WRONG!  - He's a CFR Member!

     Don't you Wonder:
WHY haven't we heard ANY of this?
         EVER - from The Media?

Is is possible that they DO NOT have our best interests in heart?
Alinsky Tactics are being used to convince YOU that an Article-V Convention would SAVE our Country..
It would DESTROY it.
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Who is Ted Cruz?
Constitutional Eligibility
is a Matter of
National Security
"Editor's Note:  Anna Tomerlin has done some extensive investigation into the family line of Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz and frankly,
the information is quite disturbing.
       Anna has graciously allowed us ( to repost her article to inform the public."
Oswald and the C.I.A
all Cruz fans REFUSE to read

   This article contains a downloadable copy of virtually all the relevant Sources & Legal Documents
Of Course there are arguments about Who U.S. Citizens are if born in Canada and Who can Vote in Canada etc.
     The following is from the U.S. Embassy in Canada and the Canadian Governments rules on Voting::
Citizenship Rules For Children Born in Canada and Voting Rules in Canada
Ted and Heidi Cruz at campaign event
Ted Cruz committed Election Fraud by PURPOSEFULLY OMITTING critical FACTS concerning his Citizenship to Texas Voters. 
He was
greatly abetted by Fox News in his FRAUD.
he is doing it again by not telling the  Entire AMERICAN Population these FACTS.
ALL the MEDIA are assisting him this time in his LIES & Fradulent Actions.

     All the relevant the Facts are here:
The End of the American Presidency

         A few more relevant FACTS:
      The Ted Cruz Eligibility Question
WHY are virtually ALL of Ted's Birth & Family records SEALED?
Could the reasons be SIMILAR to those of
Obama?   History SEALED - in its ENTIRETY?
Please note that the SOURCES of virtually all of this is included.  Much of it comes from both American & Canadian Government Official data.
The Cruz TOTAL Time-Line 
This contains each significant event in their chronological order. 
It does not have copies of all the relevant documents

(see the NEXT Time-line for them).

The Family-Time-Line of
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz
"Its OK for me to LIE Today
because AFTER I'm Elected
I will speak ONLY the Truth"

"I LIED about my
Constitutional Eligibility today
because we have to get the
Liars OUT of Congress
Then, AFTER I'm Elected
I will make sure
that the Constitution is
Followed & Respected
(I guess I'm old-fashioned but
MY experience is that
any person that LIES is a LIAR.
If they do it once
they will do it again.)
Have we EVER heard
something like this before?
It is time to choose:
The Constitution & The Republic
Politicians & Political Parties.

Ted Cruz’s Natural-Born-Citizen status
is in question.
For that matter, his citizenship status
is even in question.

Cruz may be
an Agent for a foreign power
and a foreign invader.

Ted's FATHER, Rafael B. Cruz y Diaz worked with, and was a personal Friend of
and fled the USA for Canada in 1964  probably for fear of ARREST for his relations with Oswald.

The Wayne Madsen Report
has tons of FACTS about Cruz Sr., Oswald and the C.I.A

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is
NOT even a United States Citizen,
much less a Natural-Born one.
Many conservatives (who have been fighting to preserve and restore our beloved Constitution) contend that we now have a candidate, in Senator Cruz, that supports our cause.

However, He was born in Canada to a Cuban father and a 'once' American mother that was registered and Voted as a Canadian Citizen. 

     And, he made a trip to Canada in 2014 to officially RENOUNCE his Canadian Citizenship.

     Therefore, this "astute constitutionalist" should surely know he is not a natural born citizen, and  he is ineligible for the Office of the Presidency.

For me this is a red flag, for if the man is willing to compromise the Constitution that he professes to love so much - for personal gain, what else will he compromise it for?

The Cruzes have many more Secrets - here

Heidi Cruz is on the task force for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization whose objective is to OBLITERATE National Sovereignty in order to establish a New World Order (NWO).  Representative government doesn’t exist in the NWO where global elitists rule.
Additionally, Mrs. Cruz has spent her career working with world bankers who share the objective of the CFR. 

Either this is a case of opposites attracting,
something more sinister is being orchestrated.

While Senator Cruz may appear to be a defender of all things Constitutional, this Evangelical sees his marriage to a globalist as just
another red flag.