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Justice - Case Law Method Has A Fatal Flaw
Video: Courts CANNOT Make Law
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Courts & Legal System
Judicial Review
Judicial Review is the power to
examine and invalidate actions
of the legislative and executive branches. 
It's important to remember that

The Supreme Court granted itself this power.
It is NOT found within the Constitution and
it allows the Court to MAKE Laws
(only Congress can make laws).
In other words,
(Is the fox guarding the henhouse?)
Every power not allowed in the Constitution
is reserved to the States (Amendment X)
The Constitutionality Crisis
The federal government routinely violates constitutionally protected rights - of both its citizens and the states making up the union.
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The problem can be remedied.
But, first we must first understand how we got into this mess in the first place.

Click the photo for Video of Huckabee interview on this subject.
Huckabee Interview on Constitutional Crisis - Fox News
The Supreme Court can only try APPEALS and decide on individual, specific cases.

NOWHERE in our Constitution,
or anywhere else,
has the Supreme Court
been given the Power to MAKE LAW,
nor to NULLIFY any law,
It ILLEGALLY gave ITSELF that Power!
The Grand Jury is an essential part
of our Government. 
It stands APART from the other 3 Branches
and Separate from the Courts!

The COMMON LAW Grand Jury
was the original,
but our "laws & lawyers"
essentially REMOVED it over time,
but Now, it is comming back.
Here is a "letter", by Carl Swensson, that describes it in detail,
along with a Response by Judge Paul Nally
that further clarifies it.

Grand Jury (Common Law) Handbook
for Sheriffs, Bailiffs & Justices

Common Law Handbook
(also for Sheriffs etc.)
Juror's Handbook
This is small, 8 pages (3-1/2"x 7"), extracted from my Citizen's Guide-Book, which has
a separate page on this site.
It explains the origins, duties and RIGHTS
of a Jury and the Jurors, including Grand Juries.
Most importantly
it explains what Judges almost NEVER explain:

No JUROR can ever be punished for voting “Not Guilty!”

Any juror can, with impunity, choose to disregard the instructions of any judge or attorney in rendering his vote.
Why Government Destroyed Jury Powers and How to Restore Them
            1-page by Bob Hurt of FL.
He believes that both FL and the U.S. Government have re-written their Constitutions over the years to TAKE AWAY powers from Juries - and that at least Part of the Reasons were because our Citizens are no longer smart enough or well enough informed to make Proper Decisions.
Here are HIS Ideas (with MY comments) on how to Restore Confidence in our Citizens and therefore be able to Restore  the Juries' Powers.
Here is what virtually ALL the Democrats had to say about Supreme Court Appointments by the President 4 years ago