How come ALL the TV Stations,
Including FOX NEWS, are 100% 
on the
"STOP TRUMP" wagon
- 100% of the time?

   Could it be that they are prejudiced? 
   Or, have their own Agenda?

THOUSANDS of Media Employees are racking their brains, 24-7,
to find SOME WAY to Stop Him
- and FAILING.
They are all at their wit's end.
What, you didn't notice this?
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Let's Restore The CONSTITUTION
Let's Return EDUCATION to parents & teachers
Let's Restore INTEGRITY to Government
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Let's put The People back In-Charge
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Corruption in Government
                 A good first step:
AACA - American Anti-Corruption Act

Full Provisions - Constitutionality
         Needed Reforms in
       Campaign Financing

Politicians & Special Interests work together to make EACH OTHER Wealthy. 
   Politicians pass LAWS that benefit the Special Interests (at YOUR expense & mine) and the Special Interests PAY them back out of their ILL-GOTTEN gains.
   In addition, the process has become so Prevalent and so Corrupt that virtually ALL Policians now have tremendous POWER over anybody that does business with the Government.
DID YOU KNOW? (PUT your curson here)
The relationship between Our Country & GOD?
VIDEOS:       Throw Them All Out

EXTORTION 1of2  2of2Clinton Cash

Peter Schweizer wrote these 3 books  (& more) detailing how ALL our Elected Politicians gain Wealth & Power by Making LAWS that allow THEM to do things that would put you or me in Prison.
Hear about  "Clinton Cash"
The Clinton Foundation is illicitly involved in many International, ILLEGAL Affairs.
The Corruption in which Hillary Clinton
& Bill -
and a large part of
the rest of our Government Officials
are involved in,
of the amost Americans - HUGE!

This is an Interactive Site that allows you to see the important DETAILS on all the Power Players involved in the
Panama Papers.
How come the Media are 100%
FOR any candidate
that is backed by the Establishment
of either the Democrat
OR the Republican Parties?

It seems like:
They don't care what a candidate believes in.
What counts is
if the PARTY believes in them.

Don't you WONDER about this?

The answer
is NOT hard to understand:

It is about


They get BILLION$$ from Government

From Candidates, Lawmakers,
Companies that "sell" to the government,
Companies that have BRIBED Congressmen to Pass Laws
that give them Monopolies
FORCE We The People to spend
OUR Money on things
we dont WANT or NEED
Special Interests of all kinds.

Honest People and Honest Politicians give them NOTHING.

(How many $350,000 per 30-second Ads have YOU bought lately?)

So, what is it?
TRUMP is the 1st man
that has stood up to the
CROOKED Politicians & Government
& The Media

- Telling the TRUTH to
a very discouraged, misled
and suddenly AWARE People.

For the 1st time in about  90 years
they are finding out
WHY the USA longer GREAT.

He is a HUGE THREAT to

Trump himself can't do anything.

their Worst FEAR
is an
The Quigley Formula
VIDEO:  A lecture by G. Edward Griffin
(Author of 'The Creature from Jekyll Island')

This lecture outlines the Incredible
Goals and Deceptions
done by those
that are planning the

New World Order
Mr. Griffin tells about who REALLY controls our Money, our Government, our National Policy and HOW they have SUCCEEDED in Controlling almost every part of our LIVES.
They control 97% of the MEDIA, which BRAINWASHES us 24/7 - forming our OPINIONS (ever so slowly - piece by piece until we are THINKING exactly what they WANT us to think.). 
How they have divided us into two Parties - The Democrats & the Republicans, which they 'engineer' so it seems they each have widely different ideas and that: WE MUST CHOOSE - one or the other. 
But, it makes NO DIFFERENCE - no matter which get in we get THE SAME Results.
The Collectivist Conspiracy
                  Video by G. Edward Griffin
    (Author of "the Creature From Jekyll Island")

In later years,
The Clinton Foundation
became their major means of
laundering money -
from Foreign Sources
and is currently the object of
an FBI Investigation,
reportedly with 150 FBI Agents.