How come ALL the TV Stations, Including FOX NEWS,
are 100%  on
"STOP TRUMP" wagon -
100% of the time?

Could it be that they are prejudiced? 
Or, have their own Agenda?
THOUSANDS of Media Employees
are racking their brains,
to find SOME WAY to Stop Him -
They are all at their wit's end.

What, you didn't notice this?


How come they are 100%
FOR any candidate
that is backed by the Establishment
- of either the Democrat
OR the Republican Parties?

It seems like:  They don't care
what a candidate believes in.
What counts is
if the PARTY believes in them.

Don't you WONDER about this?
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Let's Restore The CONSTITUTION
Let's Return EDUCATION to parents & teachers
Let's Restore INTEGRITY to Government
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Let's put The People back In-Charge
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Conservative Voices
   The Creature From Jekyll Island
   by G. Edward Griffin

The Environmentalist Movement
was created to dupe the people into accepting the "New World Order"
as a means of TOTAL CONTROL
of everybody in the World -
under the guise of
"Saving the Planet". 

"Environmentalism's Origin and Purpose" is covered in Chapter 24.
It has NOTHING to do with
"Saving the Planet!"
The Iron Mountain Report"
spells out the entire plot -
the TRUE sinister objectives
and the means of implementation.
AACA - American
Anti-Corruption Act

Full Provisions - Constitutionality
         Needed Reforms in
       Campaign Financing

Politicians & Special Interests work together to make EACH OTHER Wealthy. 
   Politicians pass LAWS that benefit the Special Interests (at YOUR expense & mine) and the Special Interests PAY them back out of their ILL-GOTTEN gains.
   In addition, the process has become so Prevalent and so Corrupt that virtually ALL Policians now have tremendous POWER over anybody that does business with the Government.
CFR - The Council on Foreign Relations 
    - and the NWO - New World Order

And, a bit about The Trilateral Commission
Sounds pretty sophisticated- Right?
A quote from a CFR member:

"...As with the CFR, we do not believe that every member of the Trilateral Commission is fully committed to the destruction of the United States,....
Some of these men actually believe that the world would be a better place if the United States would
give up its independence in the interests of world government.
Others go along for the ride, a ride which means a ticket to fame, comfortable living, and constant flattery.
Some, of course, really do run things and really do
want to scrap our nation's independence."
Ted "neglected" to mention on his Ethics Disclosure Report that Goldman-Sachs had LOANED him a MILLION$$
WHY would Goldman-Sachs loan Ted Cruz MILLION$$? 
CFR Report:
Building a North American Community
  Ted Cruz, working under Geo W. Bush, was instrumental in requesting the creation of this Report from the CFR.
   WHO is the Council on Foreign Relations?
    (How about the Bilderburgs?)

This Report was designed to merge Mexico, the U.S. & Canada into ONE Country
-against the wishes of the American People-
and the U.S. was to pay to bring Mexico up to OUR standard of Living.

Heidi Cruz, is a Regional Director of Goldman-Sachs (2nd Highest Level) and one of the principal Authors of this CFR Report - WOW!  
She & Ted met while they work together on this HEINOUS Report (He, for Geo. W. Bush; She for the CFR & Goldman-Sachs).

Read Heidi's comments/opinions, as INCLUDED in the final Plan.  "I support the Task Force Report and its Recommendations..."

    It will completely REMOVE every bit of YOUR Personal Sovereignty & OUR State & National Sovereignties! 

   So, when Ted Cruz promised that he would control the border between the US & Mexico, his Wife was already in this NEFARIOUS Scheme - to ERASE the border!

         How do these two fit into this PLAN?
    (the CFR, Trilateral Comm. & Bilderburgs)

Are we to believe that these two don't even communicate with each other?
AND, that they have very different beliefs? 
   Rush Limbaugh thinks so ! ? ! ?   Really?
But, What about RUSH?

Don't you Wonder WHY we have NOT heard about ANY of this - EVER - on The Media?
DID YOU KNOW? (Put your curson here - click to turn off or on)
The relationship between
Our Country & GOD?
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Throw Them All Out

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Clinton Cash
Peter Schweizer
wrote these 3 books
(& more)
detailing how
ALL our Elected Politicians
gain Wealth & Power
by Making LAWS
that allow THEM to do things
that would put you or me in Prison.
The TRUE Story on the Bilderburg Group, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and What They May Be Planning NOW.
This clearly outlines their history, goals and plans - to establish a NWO - New World Order (One World Government, where there will be
NO such things as Personal, State or National Sovereignty, nor any GOD-given RIGHTS..... with THEM in Complete Control.  
    You will have the Rights THEY ALONE give you, which will include to:
     LIVE When, Where & How they say,
     WORK at what THEY tell you,
     THINK - Only what they ALLOW you to think
     PAY wahtever Taxes or Fees they want
    and be a Complete SLAVE to the 'State'.
THEY will DICTATE your Moral Code! )
The Republican Revolution
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 12:30         (Excerpted)
Get Involved! It's time to TAKE BACK AMERICA.
by RoseAnn Salanitri
This election cycle has proven to be thought-provoking, as well as revelatory.

During campaign season, most - if not all - Republican candidates professed to be constitutional conservatives.  However, once they entered the halls of Congress, that conservatism was sacrificed on the altar of compromise - or worse. 
For them, campaign promises are nothing more than a means to an end - the end being re-election with we, their constituents, playing the part of their “useful idiots.”

As a result, a large number of Conservatives have abandoned the Party.

If there is anything funny about this at all, it is that the elites truly don’t understand that a Party revolution is knocking at the door of their ivory towers. 
The popularity of Mr. Trump, who the Party and its Mainstream MEDIA arm have done their best to paint as crass and unqualified, is an enigma that can’t be controlled. 
They can’t seem to understand why us serfs are standing behind a plain-talking street fighter instead of one of their well-financed, polished, sweet-talking cronies.

As a result, they have declared war on their own front-runner, simply because they cannot control him.  
100% of ALL the Media is working
              100% of the time - to  STOP TRUMP
     ---> Doesn't this make you wonder WHY? <---
                  Who BRINGS them MONEY?
                  Who PAYS this MONEY?
              Who WINS?      Who LOSES?

Despite these efforts, the people realize that Trump may not always say the right thing,
but, he says a lot of the things most of us are saying within the privacy of our own homes.  

Many conservatives (who have been fighting to preserve and restore our beloved Constitution) contend that we now have a candidate, in Senator Cruz, that supports our cause.

However, He was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother that was registered to vote as a Canadian. 
And, he made a trip to Canada in 2014 to officially RENOUNCE his Canadian Citizenship.

Therefore, this "astute constitutionalist" should surely know he is not a natural born citizen, and  he is ineligible for the Office of the Presidency.

For me this is a red flag, for if the man is willing to compromise the Constitution that he professes to love so much - for personal gain, what else will he compromise it for?

Heidi Cruz is on the task force for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization whose objective is to OBLITERATE National Sovereignty in order to establish a New World Order (NWO).  Representative government doesn’t exist in the NWO where global elitists rule.
Additionally, Mrs. Cruz has spent her career working with world bankers who share the objective of the CFR

Either this is a case of opposites attracting,
something more sinister is being orchestrated.

While Senator Cruz may appear to be a defender of all things Constitutional, this Evangelical sees his marriage to a globalist as just another red flag.

My country comes first and right now Mr. Trump looks like the only candidate willing to buck the establishment elitists (and The MEDIA) and fight for the America I love. 
Evidence of his allegiance to our country exists in the anger he instills among the globalists who have subjected us to NAFTA, CAFTA, and other such destructive treaties. 

While Trump wants to build a wall to protect our borders,  the globalist opposition wants to tear down our borders - through trade agreements and policies that negatively affect our economy.

No wonder they hate him.  If he is what he says he is, he has the potential to destroy decades of their clandestine agendas.

(he aims to DESTROY their Gravy-Train)

Yes, he may be brash and he may not be our knight in shining armour, but at least there’s good reason to believe that he believes what he says and says what he believes. 
And for this Evangelical, who understands that no one is perfect, that’s a good enough reason to vote for The Donald. 

But perhaps the greatest contribution Trump will ever make to America is the unveiling of the existent one-party system that has been parading as two.

        As Ghandi once said,
       “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
         then they fight you,  then you win.”
                     Ghandi was a wise old man.

COMMENT    by MICAH     Mar 29, 2016, 8:16 pm
Donald Trump doesn’t know everything he should know, but he is learning. He does listen to the American people, and it’s up to us to keep him informed. He is a leader, and he is hated by the entire New World Order gang on the left, the right, and in the media.
This alone should tell the American people that we need this man in our White House.

The Corruption in which
Hillary Clinton (& Bill -
and a large part of
the rest of our Government Officials)
are involved is
of the amost Americans -
This is an Interactive Site
that allows you to see
the important DETAILS
on all the Power Players involved in
The Panama Papers.
London just committed suicide. They just elected a Muslim Mayor.  Muslim Refugees regardless of their goals are welcome,
London just committed SUICIDE 
It just elected a Muslim Mayor that has already declared that ALL Muslin Refugees, regardless of their goals, are WELCOME.
This also means the END of England.
I don't believe that women have any right, and I think gays should be hanged.
By the way,
Do you think Talk Radio is the ONLY True Conservative Voice?

   Do you every once-in-a-while hear Rush Limbaugh say something that sounds 'a little Fishy'?
Like: An Article-V Convention is a Good idea."?
Or: "We Can't Impeach Obama?
      Did you know that Rush Limbaugh's NAME appeared on the CFR's PAID-MEMBER List?   (his membership cost $25,000 at the time)
       Why does he say the CFR doesn't exist, and DENY he is a member, and throw the questions off as an absurd accusation?

Do you think FOX NEWS is the ONLY truly Conservative TV Station?

    Did you know that FOX NEWS is Completely CONTROLLED by the Saudi Arabian Prince?
   They are ALLOWED to say 'a bit more' than the other stations (all controlled by the LEFT), which makes it Very Profitable - but NEVER to expose any TRUTH that could be damaging to the LEFT or the Establishment of EITHER Party.

Ask Judge Andrew Napolitano;
  What happens if you SAY TOO MUCH?
Ask Glenn Beck:
  What happens if you SAY TOO MUCH?

You get "cut off due to technical difficulties" and the next day they announce that you QUIT because you wanted to move on and/or make your own TV Station.
Liberals Awake from 8-Year Moral Coma
For eight years, the voices of what passes for morality on the left were utterly silent as the values of generations of Americans were flushed down the drain.
Those Americans whose desires, experiences and values differed from the leftist elite were treated as worthless garbage, no longer necessary to the imminent liberal utopia, except as a source of revenue.         Read entire article..
  GET OUT of My Class And Leave America!
There's still hope for our universities. Not all is lost. Not yet, anyway.
Obama's Trail
  of Disasters

Obama’s accession in 2008 as the nation’s first elected black president was an achievement that even Republicans and conservatives could cheer.

It was also the high point of Obama’s presidency. What followed, alas, was eight long years of disenchantment and incompetence.
Read more...........    
You may find this surprising:
Barry Goldwater’s book: 
Conscience of a Conservative (1960)

“I have little interest in streamlining
  government or in making it more efficient,
  for I mean to reduce its size.
I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I
  propose to extend freedom.
My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal
It is not to inaugurate new programs, but
  to cancel old ones that do violence to
  the Constitution;
  or, that have failed their purpose;
  or, that impose on the people an 
  unwarranted financial burden.
I will not attempt to discover whether
  legislation is “needed” before I have first
  determined whether it is constitutionally
And, if I should later be attacked for
  neglecting my constituents’ “interests,”
  I shall reply that I was informed that their
  main interest is Liberty and that in that
  cause I am doing the very best I can.”

-- Barry Goldwater 1960