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Do We Need a Con-Con?
Should a New Constitutional Convention Be Called to Fix the Constitution?
        (The New American 11-10-2017)
Many Americans today believe our Government is out of control, not following the Constitution, that "present day politics" are a mess and that the Constitution has several "deficiencies" that need to be fixed.
    So, they are calling for a Con-Con (Article-V Constitutional Convention) to fix it.
      The question is: "Is it Wise?"
     Some of us believe it would be
We need a Con-Con like we need a Hole-in-the-head!
   But, it might not be a bad idea for the States to have a Constitutional way to NULLIFY Unconstitutional Federal Laws - as all 3 of the Federal Branches have GIVEN THEMSELVES Unconstitutional POWERS and ROBBED the States of their Sovereignty.
   Also, it would be good for We-The-People to have a 3rd way to initiate a Constitutional Amendment - to give us with a means of restricting such legislation to one or more specific issues and/or to bypass Congress so as
to eliminate the almost certain DANGER of a Constitutional Convention that might easily go out of control?
Click to see MY IDEAS on this subject.
What do YOU think?
A Constitutional Convention would consist of the same sort of people who are running our government into the ground, "Low-Information Legislators" eager to throw out or severely curtail the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the 10th Amendment, and any other explicit constitutional check on Federal POWER.
   The left-wing extremists at such a convention would, as always, have the loudest voices, and would be mostly opposed by milquetoast right-wingers eager for compromise.
   A large number of delegates to such a convention would be as ignorant of the Constitution and as contemptuous of our Founding Fathers and their values as our elected know-nothings in Congress.
  Is there any reason to believe that the Legislators that are every-day causing our Constitutional Problems would not choose Delegates of the same ilk?..  That they would choose ONLY Constitutionalists - their very Adversaries - their Nemeses?
The likelihood of a second constitutional convention producing a brain trust in any way comparable to the Founding Fathers at Philadelphia is NIL.
NO!   Just FOLLOW the Constitution
              we already have.
The North American Law Center (NALC)
is a non-partisan non-profit public policy research and analysis organization that is dedicated to Preserving our Constitution, our GOD-given Rights and our Country just as the Founding Fathers intended.
   They have A LOT to say about how our Judicial Branch is OUT-OF-CONTROL and Our Congress is NOT doing their job - nor respecting the Constitution.
   See their MISSION and a White Paper written about defining a Natural-Born-Citizen