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    Citizens Guide Book   
Dick's citizen Guide Book (cover)
This is a pocket sized guide (3-1/2x7) to our basic Founding Documents (with everyday explanations) for all American Citizens. 
   You can download the complete booklet, in readable form

You may want to
consider it a "must read" as it also covers the Principles of Freedom, the "miraculous" details of our Constitution (with every-day language explanations) & our Government, as well as going into some of our current political problems and challenges.

It contains a unique and very important section, the Juror's Handbook, that explains our Rights, and duties, as a Juror and the Grand Jury, that enable us individually to strike down Bad Laws and go above "the system" to protect the Freedoms of the accused and the Rights of our Society.

The most important Founding Events & their Documents all here in a short, easy to read booklet that you can easily carry in your pocket.  It also shows the true relationships between our Founding Fathers, Government, GOD & Religion.

In addition, it covers the events, and particularly the Amendments & Acts by Congress, that led to their present Unaccountability & complete disregard for We-The-People

It also briefly explains the "Bring Congress Home Act" that should REVERSE all these treasonous actions, restore both Honesty & Accountability to both the House and the Senate and make a "Ghost-Town" out of the most corrupt city in the World - Washington DC.

You can also DOWNLOAD an article that reflects the thoughts of James Madison, which are largely concerned with the differences between Federal & States' Powers, and his ideas (shared by MANY of the Founding Fathers) concerning the subjects of Nullification and Interposition, which are amazingly relevant today - HERE.
Dick's Citizen Guide Bool (Index page2)
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