By the way,
Do you think Talk Radio is the ONLY True Conservative Voice?

   Do you every once-in-a-while hear Rush Limbaugh say something that sounds 'a little Fishy'?
Like: An Article-V Convention is a Good
Or: "We Can't Impeach Obama?
   Did you know that Rush Limbaugh's NAME appeared on the CFR's PAID-MEMBER List?   (his membership cost $25,000 at the time)
       Why does he say the CFR doesn't exist, and DENY he is a member, and throw the questions off as an absurd accusation?

Do you think FOX NEWS is the ONLY truly Conservative TV Station?
    Did you know that FOX NEWS is
Completely CONTROLLED by the Saudi Arabian Prince?
   They are ALLOWED to say 'a bit more' than the other stations (all controlled by the LEFT), which makes it Very Profitable - but NEVER to expose any TRUTH that could be damaging to the LEFT or the Establishment of EITHER Party.

Ask Judge Andrew Napolitano;
  What happens if you SAY TOO MUCH?
Ask Glenn Beck:
  What happens if you SAY TOO MUCH?

You get "cut off due to technical difficulties" and the next day they announce that you QUIT because you wanted to move on and/or make your own TV Station.

How come ALL the TV Stations, Including FOX NEWS, were 100%  on the "STOP TRUMP" wagon - 100% of the time?
        Could it be that they are prejudiced? 
        Or, have their own Agenda?
THOUSANDS of Media Employees are racking their brains, 24-7, to find SOME WAY to Stop Him - and FAILING.
They are all at their wit's end.
         What, you didn't notice this?

How come they are 100% FOR any candidate that is backed by the Establishment - of either the Democrat OR the Republican Parties?
         It seems like:
They don't care what a candidate believes in.  What counts is if the PARTY believes in them.
Don't you WONDER about this?
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CFR - Trilateral Comm. - Bilderburgs
   The Creature From Jekyll Island
by G. Edward Griffin

This book exposes all the facts
(good, bad & sordid)
about Banking,
the FED,
the CFR
(Council for Foreign Relations),
the Environmentalist Movement
and much more (610 pages)

"Summary of Summaries"
(most of it in only 70 pages)

The Environmentalist Movement was created to dupe the people into accepting the "New World Order"
as a means of TOTAL CONTROL
over everybody in the World -
under the guise of
"Saving the Planet". 

Environmentalism's Origin & Purpose is covered in Chapter 24.  
It has NOTHING to do with
"Saving the Planet!"

"The Iron Mountain Report"
spells out the entire plot -
the TRUE sinister objectives
and the means of implementation.
The Council on Foreign Relations
- and the
- the
New World Order

And, a bit about
The Trilateral Commission

Sounds pretty sophisticated- Right?

A quote from a CFR member:

"...As with the CFR, we do
not believe that
every member of
the Trilateral Commission
is fully committed to the
destruction of the United States,...

Some of these men actually believe
that the world would be a better place
if the United States would
give up its Independence
in the interests of world government.
Others go along for the ride,
a ride which means a ticket to fame, comfortable living,
and constant flattery.
Some, of course,
really do run things and
really do want to
scrap our Nation's Independence


CFR Report: 
Building a North
American Community

  Ted Cruz, working under Geo. W. Bush, was instrumental in requesting the creation of this Report from the CFR.
   WHO is the Council on Foreign Relations?
    (How about the Bilderburgs?)

This Report was designed to
merge Mexico, the U.S. & Canada
into ONE Country

against the wishes of the American People

and the U.S. has to pay
to bring Mexico up
to OUR standard of Living.

Ted's wife,  Heidi Cruz,
is a Regional Director of
(2nd Highest Level)

and one of the principal Authors
of this CFR Report - WOW!  

She & Ted met
while they worked together
on this HEINOUS Report

(He, for Geo. W. Bush;
She for the CFR & Goldman-Sachs).

Heidi's comments/opinions,
as INCLUDED in the final Plan. 
"I support the Task Force Report and its Recommendations..."

    It will completely REMOVE every bit
of YOUR Personal Sovereignty
& OUR State &
National Sovereignties!

   So, when Ted Cruz promised
that he would control the border
between the US & Mexico,
his Wife was already in
this NEFARIOUS Scheme
- to
ERASE the border!

How do these two fit into this PLAN?
(the CFR, Trilateral Comm. & Bilderburgs)

Are we to believe that these two
don't even communicate with each other?

AND, that they have very different beliefs?

Rush Limbaugh thinks so !? 
But, What about RUSH?

Don't you Wonder WHY
we have NOT heard about ANY of this - EVER - on The Media?
DID YOU KNOW? (PUT your curson here)
The relationship between Our Country & GOD?

               which will include to:
LIVE    - When, Where & How they say,
WORK - at what THEY tell you,
THINK - Only what they ALLOW,
     - all Taxes or Fees they WANT,

                         and be a
     Complete SLAVE to the 'State'.

THEY will Dictate
YOUR Moral Code!
The Panama Papers
Their PLAN,
right from the beginning (in 1911) was to
take CONTROL of
(Newspapers then,
but now including all TV & Radio)

Piece by piece the did it

They now control 97%

You hear ONLY what they WANT you to hear.

There is much more
in Ted's closet:

Why Ted LIED About His Mother

Contains a Time-Line
on the whole family
and some
Previously Unknown & Important Facts.

And, by the way:

Ted "neglected" to mention on his Ethics Disclosure Report that Goldman-Sachs had LOANED him a MILLION$$
WHY would Goldman-Sachs loan Ted Cruz MILLION$$? 
The Corruption in which Hillary Clinton
(& Bill - and a large part of
the rest of our Government Officials)
are involved in all this is
of most Americans - HUGE!

The CFR & their "ilk"
are NOT the ONLY Power Players involved in Sinister Plots.

You can see the important DETAILS on many of them at this Interactive Site
The "TRUE Story" on     
the Bilderburg Group,
the CFR,
the Trilateral Commission

What They May Be Planning

This clearly outlines their history,
goals and plans -
to establish a NWO -
a New World Order
(a One-World Government)
where there will be
NO such things as
Personal, State or National Sovereignty,
nor any GOD-given RIGHTS.....

with THEM in Complete Control.
    You will have ONLY the Rights
    that THEY ALONE give you,
An Open Letter to the Traitors in the Deep-State
You really think you’re on a roll don’t you. With your swamp rat Robert Mueller; your evil acolyte, James Comey, who it’s safe to say is the dirtiest cop in America; etc.
   Mr. Trump’s millions and millions of supporters, labeled ‘deplorables’ by your candidate, an odious, delusional despot, seek only peace and the freedom to live the American Dream.
   Be on notice, an armed population awaits you as we awaited the Redcoats at Lexington and Concord.
You have been warned.     Read it all...
[they are the Deep-Deep-State]
President Trump: 
Destroy the Alien Queen

The Alien Queen (the CFR) has infiltrated every part of our Government, our Banking, our Diplomatic Corps, our Intelligence Agencies & our Military. 
She is laying eggs faster than we can kill them.
       Our ONLY Hope is to Destroy the Queen.

The Definition of Tyranny (25 yrs - STILL valid)