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Bill Gates
Bill Gates - Philanthropist or Scoundrel?
He founded Microsoft, whose Operating Systems
have dominated the computers of the World,
and became one of the Richest Men alive. 
Since then he has been mostly involved in Philanthropy - BUT, most of his projects are
He has stated that his Vaccination Projects will REDUCE World Population!
How can saving lives lead to MORE DEATHS?
This article was printed in the July 22, 2020
issue of The New American.
Bill Gates - a video in 4-parts
He is MUCH MORE than a Rich Man!
And, his Philanthropy is VERY Questionable.
Know also, that his Father
was the Top Dog in Planned Parenthood
(KILLS about 350,000 BABIES per year),
taught Bill about DE-POPULATING the World from and early age, and STILL is involved.