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The solution is simple:
     Our elected representatives must follow their oaths.
Dick Won the "The Mexican Road Race"  in 1990 at age 51 (La Carrera Pan-Americana) racing the highways in the Turismo Libre class (2188 miles, 7 days, 125 cars) and set a record that is still standing  today at 145.12 mph Average through the mountains in his "slightly modified" 180+ mph, 720HP 1954 Lincoln
First of all,  I'm a husband,  a father and  a grandfather,  then a Veteran,  as well as a Mechanical and Electrical  Engineer.  My dear wife Mary & I have been married for 49 years.  We moved to Chamblee 44 years ago with 2 small children, from the Chicago area - we felt that Atlanta would be better for all of our futures - it was the best decision we ever made.  We were lucky enough to choose a great community to live in, Gainsborough, and we've lived in the same house all this time.

We raised four wonderful girls, Laura, Sarita, Theresa and Marie.  We were blessed with four, even more wonderful, grandchildren: 2 boys: Daniel & Nathan and 2 girls: Lily & Camille.  We're very fortunate as all of our children & grandchildren live close by - we see them often - nearly every day.                      
Dick, Mary & their 4 girls have lived in Chamblee  since  1974.     Here in front of their Carrera Racing Shocks factory.
I have in depth manufacturing experience and business skills and learn complex things quickly (Russian, Spanish & Japanese languages; Hydraulics, Electronics, Machining, Computer Programming, Website Design, etc.).
I served in Air Force Military Intelligence as a Russian Linguist and later, during the Cuban Crisis, served uniquely as both a Russian & Spanish Linguist . 
Dick Anderson in Air Force Uniform
I do not seek Political Power or Wealth.  I want our Constitution and the 'Rule of Law' restored. 
Bring back our Freedoms,  the
'American Way of Life' and  ALL of our "former" GOD-given Rights.

I do NOT want this for Me - it is for My Grandchildren - and YOURS. 
These children do NOT Deserve to be born into OUR Debts - and they DO deserve their GOD-given RIGHTS.

I will do everything I can, for as long as I am able, to accomplish this goal.
The Governor BRIBES new businesses with "Tax-Breaks" and "Special Incentives" to get them here.
Our General Assembly - they fall all over themselves to get his UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRAVESTIES made into LAW.
Why NOT? More Government=$$ for somebody -  and The People will NEVER figure out how they got screwed.
Dick & Mary Anderson heads shot
I dearly LOVE our county and deeply appreciate all the Freedoms & Opportunities it has afforded me.  I'm a Christian, Constitutionalist Republican, and I believe in all the Freedoms expressed in the Republican Platform.                          (BUT, the Republican Party is no longer "Living" its Platform - it has become Corrupted)
                                                                 All that is Now HISTORY
Growth has slowed nearly to a stand-still, the Business Climate is POOR, Crime is a problem.  We are taxed and  charged to
death for a "supposedly special gas" that does NOTHING for the Environment, kills our cars (and especially our other machines), NOW costs MORE here than in most other parts of the country and gives LESS Performance for MORE Money.   "Such a Deal"

           Most Atlanta Businesses are fighting daily to survive - they can no longer be competitive.

Our Businesses are now
Inundated in REGULATIONS and Political NONSENSE.  All these Regulations do NOTHING
to protect the Consumer.  But, they do produce:  
Rich Politiciansa "Thriving" Bureaucracy  and  an Economy that "Sucks".
Dick Anderson and Diego Febles in '54 lincoln in the Mexican Road Race (1989 Carrera Panamericana)
SPECIAL NOTE:  When I came here, 44 years ago, Atlanta was "busting at the seams".  It was growing at an incredibly fast rate, every business in the USA wanted to have at least an office here in Atlanta.  We had the lowest gas-tax and enjoyed the Cheapest Gasoline in all the 50 States - no unionsEverybody was HAPPY.
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Let's Restore The CONSTITUTION
Let's Return EDUCATION to parents & teachers
Let's Restore INTEGRITY to Government
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Let's put The People back In-Charge
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Of course, YOU & I, the Citizens , WE have to pay the Tax SHORTFALL! - Every Tax-break = MORE Taxes for YOU & Me - for those of us that DO PAY taxes! 
                               And, just what do WE get?       
"Better REGULATED businesses" ?       (the less & less that EXIST? - in Georgia!)
The Governor & his Minions BRAG - about bringing MORE JOBS to Atlanta - and then they get RE-Elected (check the numbers - LIARS!).  
    Our Legislature is OUT OF CONTROL - No Longer Accountable  - too busy enriching themselves     ---  WE are being misled DAILY,  and WE are Allowing it!
I'm also an Inventor, Problem-Solver; winning Racecar Driver, Builder, Designer; shock-absorber engineer, "Creator of Things" and, most of all, I am a Patriot.
Click photo for full article in Stock Car Racing Magazine - March 1995