The Brookhaven Post ran an excellent interview with the Candidates for GA House District 80

           Catherine Bernard                                                            Alan Cole                                                Meagan Hanson

2016 District 80 Primary Candidates answer questions for The Post

After reading the Candidates' replies, I felt compelled to COMMENT - as follows:

Meagan Hanson brags that she was on The Georgia Gang calling out corruption.
This is a JOKE!
Dick Williams & his paper, the Dunwoody Crier, are the very embodiment of Corruption.
He represents ALL the Special Interests and invents whatever necessary to DESTROY any HONEST Candidate that will NOT cater to the Voting Desires of the Establishment (He caters to BOTH Parties - to ensure they have CONTROL over what information The People hear and therefore, how they VOTE).
Then, she brags about helping institute Public-Private Partnerships - which she must be aware are Totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL - there's NO PLACE, anywhere in the Federal Constitution that would allow for this.
(Unfortunately, many State Constitutions now allow this type of UNCONSTITUTIONAL action - due to the never-ending efforts of Demagogues - that PROFIT Immensely from DECEIVING the Voters).
It puts Government in Business - directly against FREE Private Enterprise - and therefore, picks WINNERS & LOSERS.
If she saved $400M on I-285 etc it's because the whole system is CORRUPT and simply does NOT Make Sense.
If there was TRUE Competitiveness and UNBIASED selection of contractors, ALL Highway costs would be dramatically less (in fact, ALL Govt contracted costs would be less).
She says she will not be beholden to party over principle.  Sounds good - but, difficult to believe when you consider that nearly everything she does is Arranged, Chaperoned, Paid-for and Advised by the Establishment Operatives that cater to ALL Special Interests wherever they may come from - their whole agenda is Party over The People.
On our legislature doing its job: she said nothing about the FACT that it is TOTALLY driven by Political Power, which comes from Donations from Special Interests and the ability to Totally CONTROL the Votes of all its members.  There was no mention of the FACT that over 75% of our Republican Electeds vote more than 50% of the time for Democrat, Big  Government, Big Business, Socialist issues.
If they fall below 90% they are TRAITORS to the People of Georgia - and she is FULLY AWARE of this.
Her statement that "we should focus our efforts on keeping guns out of the wrong hands" worries ME.
Just how in the World would she do that without TRAMPLING on the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens?
Concerning Alan Cole:
Being an Army Captain is not knowing the Constitution or the Law.
Obviously, he is a Gov. Deal SYCOPHANT because his reply to most of the questions was "I Support Gov. Deal's Decision".
How much has Deal ACTUALLY done for the people? 
Well, he gave HUNDREDS of MILLIONS$$ of Tax Breaks to Businesses, which means We The People will have to pay MORE TAXES to make up for the short-fall.
Why not reduce REGULATIONS, which have made it nearly impossible for most businesses here to be PROFITABLE?
How do you think Gov. Deal rose to the TOP of the incredible pile of CORRUPT Officials we have in the General Assembly?
Catherine Bernard has proven she is Experienced & Responsible.

                                       PLEASE SHARE THIS - we only have 2 more days until the Election

                                                Last I looked, my COMMENTS above were "awaiting moderation" - I wonder - will they ALLOW the Truth?
                                                No - they did NOT Post it.  I tried again.  Let's see what happens this time.  4 times - NOTHING. 
                                                Obviously, THIS Media has no place for the Truth - go figure!
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