But YES,  I have a mission - to restore Integrity to our Government.  I believe that can be best done by bringing The FACTS to The People.      WHY?    Because I believe that 80% of our Citizens will vote for HONORABLE Candidates, that will truly represent them, If, but ONLY IF, they know The FACTS.   (we all know what results from NOT knowing The Facts)
I am a Conservative, Constitutionalist REPUBLICAN      (and, I am NOT running for anything!)
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The results were miraculous.           We started as a small Colony and soon became the Greatest Country on Earth.
The entire World came to admire, and hoped to be like, the USA.                  
But, all of that has changed!
The Constitution and Rule of Law have been thrown in the dumpster.
                               The solution is simple:     Our Elected Representatives must follow their oaths:
                                                                        To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States
                                         Together, we can do it.             
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               I believe that 80% of our Citizens believe as I do:
1.  In the Republican Principles of Limited Government, Personal Freedom,
     Personal Responsibility, Freedom of Choice and, most of all, Rule of Law
(because there can be NO Freedoms without it);

2.  The Constitution is a timeless treasure, created by Honorable Men, that
     put the Benefits & Welfare of ALL The People ahead of their own personal
     lives   (this meant NO entitlements & NO special treatment). 
This had Never-Ever happened Before & it Never happened again.
                      (and its Highly Unlikely in the future too!)
Day by day, the demagogues, in their quest for Power & Wealth, have been taking away our Freedoms And with them, our Happiness, Creativity, Motivation, Trust in Government and Wealth are disappearing too. 
The vast majority of our Elected Officials have become
                 TOTALLY UNACCOUNTABLE to The People
They tell us "whatever we WANT to hear" (up until they're Elected),
then, do whatever they find the MOST PROFITABLE for themselves. 
3.  Our Founders were fully aware that the nature of man does not change
     (we are NOT Angels!) 
so, they included many "Checks & Balances"
     to thwart the demagoguery, vanities and designs of man, so we ALL could
     enjoy a society of Equal OPPORTUNITY (this doesn't mean equal Results!);

4.  The Founding Fathers gave us a Republican form of government that was, for
     the 1st time in History, formed with The People in control - not Rule by Men.
     They recognized that ALL our Rights are GOD-Given and unalieniable - they
     believed that we were smart enough, and wise enough, to Rule Ourselves.
       Every day we better realize that THE MEDIA is totally on the THEIR side!
       They print or broadcast whatever the Politicians want printed; 
       They do NOT print anything the Politicians want hidden;
They even give each other 'invented' AWARDS - to Show Us "how good" they are!
(and they daily 'feed us' the garbage they want us to think)
               NOW, the Govt. want to take control of the INTERNET
                the ONLY place we can go to FIND the FACTS.      
I want my children, my grandchildren, YOUR children and YOUR grandchildren to enjoy the Freedoms that You & I once enjoyed.
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